Diamonds are a lady’s finest buddy, proper? Of all the gorgeous sizes and styles of diamonds at present available on the market, 1.5-carat diamonds are among the many hottest. So, in case you are trying to be a part of the cool youngsters’ membership, this could possibly be your entrance ticket!

Large sufficient to shine, however sensible sufficient to put on each day, they’re a ravishing choice for nearly any sort of knickknack and a stellar alternative for a treasured engagement ring. 

However, shopping for a diamond of any measurement could be very intimidating. Luckily, you could have us! Today, we’ll stroll you thru the whole lot it is advisable to learn about shopping for a 1.5-carat diamond ring and discovering the proper alternative.

1.5 Carat Diamond Ring Price

Here’s a problem—sort “1.5-carat diamond ring” into your favourite search engine, and see the value vary and selection that pops up. That’s loads to soak up, proper? Luckily, you could have us to clarify why there’s such a value variance between items.

Depending on components like reduce high quality, shade, and readability, one can count on to pay anyplace from $4,000 to $30,000 for a 1.5-carat diamond. There are 1.5-carat diamond rings upwards of $30,000, however whereas these symbolize the head of high quality for the scale, many favor to purchase a bigger weight as soon as they’ve hit this value.

What accounts for this variance? In specific, the colour and readability grades will affect how a lot you pay for the ring. We’ll take a look at these in-depth under, so don’t let the grading speak overwhelm you proper now.

On the cheaper finish of the size, a 1.5-carat diamond ring that prices lower than $8,000 will include imperfections, blemishes, or poor shade. Typically, nothing with lower than a Okay-color grade or an SI2 readability grade is value spending on.

On the flip facet, you attain the head of perfection at shade grade D and an FL, or flawless, readability score. These retail for upwards of $30,000. Does that imply that it is advisable to spend that a lot? Not in any respect!

For most sensible functions, any diamond within the G to I shade vary might be a terrific stability of value and high quality. Likewise, something from the VS1 and VS2 readability scores upward might be a ravishing piece. These common from $10,000–$15,000, relying on exactly the place they fall on the size. 

For a hoop of this measurement, the diamond is loads larger in high quality however with variations which can be solely noticeable in the appropriate mild circumstances and with a jeweler’s loupe.

With these variations—solely apparent to an professional trying on the diamond underneath managed circumstances—certification is crucial when shopping for any sort of diamond. There are two trusted diamond certifications—GIA and AGS.

One of the explanations that 1.5-carat diamond rings are in style is due to the distinctive worth of the ring. When you examine one to a 2-carat ring, the fee is significantly much less, however they typically seem equal (and even larger) in measurement. Nifty, proper? 

How Big Is a 1.5 Carat Diamond Ring?

Did you understand that diamonds aren’t rated by their measurement, however by their weight? The “carat” worth refers back to the weight of the diamond, with a single carat equaling 200 mg. Additionally, this could then be divided into 100 “points” to offer a extra correct weight for every diamond.

So, a 1.5-carat diamond weighs round 300 mg. But what does that appear to be visually? Although the load is what we take a look at when figuring out carats, most 1.5-carat diamond rings will characteristic a stone measuring round 7.3 millimeters by 7.33 millimeters in a spherical sensible reduce—the most typical and sometimes most coveted form for a diamond. These measurements will differ barely in several shapes and the form can affect the ultimate value of the diamond ring as effectively.

What does that imply virtually? The typical girl has a finger between 16.5 millimeters and 17 millimeters broad. So the diamond alone will cowl 44% of her finger earlier than you add settings, different gems, or anything.

The reduce parameters and form of the diamond can even affect the way it seems to the bare eye, with some making the stone seem bigger and others smaller. Most folks have a choice as to the form of their diamond ring, so focus extra on how you’re feeling in regards to the ring than how massive it seems.

However, the carat weight alone can’t be used to find out the form, measurement, readability, or shade of a diamond. You ought to take into account all of those components when assessing a diamond ring for its worth and value. The core of diamond pricing lies in the place it’s graded on these well-known 4C values, together with another components. Let’s discover them in additional depth. 

1.5 Carat Diamond Ring Shape, Cut, and Color

As a well-liked weight for diamonds, there’s a enormous number of shapes and colours {that a} 1.5-carat diamond ring can are available in. These components, often known as the 4cs, will decide not simply the look of your diamond ring, however the fee and rated high quality of it as effectively—so it’s finest to know what you’re on the lookout for. Luckily, you could have us to stroll you thru all of it.


Shape is a crucial issue that impacts the looks and worth of a diamond in a hoop. However, opposite to in style perception, the form and the reduce of a diamond will not be the identical factor! 

The latter refers to how the diamond is faceted and polished, and the “shape” refers to what we see—spherical, pear, cushion, marquise, coronary heart, and different in style kinds. When it involves form, there’s a small affect on the value, nevertheless it ought to actually be a call made along with your coronary heart about what you’re keen on.

Where does that small value affect come from? Well, if you form a uncooked diamond, you lose among the uncooked materials—apparent, proper?

The extra uncooked materials misplaced within the course of, the dearer the form is to create, and that expense could be handed on to the tip consumer. Round-cut diamonds, for instance, lose quite a lot of uncooked materials and thus, are sometimes the costliest form. But this can be a pretty small value affect general. 

Some shapes provide advantages that others don’t, too. For instance, an oval-shaped 1.5-carat diamond can seem larger to the attention as a result of it’s elongated, despite the fact that it’s technically the identical weight as a spherical diamond. A spherical sensible reduce 1.5-carat diamond is probably the most conventional form and will maintain its worth higher than different shapes.

Most diamonds might be formed in one in all these predetermined kinds, however these on the lookout for one thing particular can request a jeweler to form a diamond by recutting it. This course of is much more costly although, so selecting a pre-shaped ring is the most effective worth for cash.

Now let’s revisit “cut” within the technical sense. We typically use the 2 interchangeably—that is truly a mistake! The “cut” is a particular a part of grading a diamond, the place the jeweler seems at how the aspects (flat planes) reduce into the diamond, refract, scatter, and replicate mild to create that attractive sparkle.

Only spherical diamonds could be given a full-cut analysis, though the “fancy” shapes (yup, it’s a technical time period) are additionally evaluated for polish and symmetry.

Round $4,467
Princess $4,440
Emerald $3,432
Asscher $4,188
Cushion $3,645
Marquise $5,322
Radiant $3,653
Oval $3,953
Pear $4,188
Heart $4,264


A diamond’s shade is graded utilizing the GIA grading scale, with letters from D to Z indicating the grade of the diamond primarily based on the absence of shade in it.

Yes, you learn that proper—the normal white/clear diamond is graded larger for its lack of shade! The highest grades are clear and pure, like a block of shiny ice. The extra yellow/brown within the diamond, the decrease its shade score. 

The most premium diamonds are these with a D grade, as this means a real absence of shade. When you look by means of one, you may see proper by means of to the opposite facet with out even a touch of shade.

On the cheaper facet, Z-graded diamonds could have a heavy tint of yellow or brown. This might be seen to the bare eye. Although these are coloured, the diamond can nonetheless be lovely, however it can have an effect on its look—and thus, its value.

The distinction in grading letters can enormously affect the value of the diamond, particularly on the 1.5-carat measurement. For instance, the fee variation between a 1.5-carat diamond with a D-color grade and one with a G-color grade is round $3,000, and this determine will get larger if there are extra letters in between.

However, the affect on the attention is loads much less. Once set in a ravishing ring, the distinction between D and G could be close to inconceivable to identify. In reality, some folks like a lightweight tint to their diamonds to “warm” them up, and conversely, a heat band steel could make a decrease shade grade look extra dazzling than it truly is.

Most grades above I are nice worth for cash and can look superb, and G–I grades symbolize a terrific intersection of worth and sweetness. Here’s the total scale, should you’re curious

  • D (colorless)
  • G to J (close to colorless)
  • Okay to M (faint)
  • N to R (very mild)
  • S to Z (mild)

Formal shade grading is all the time carried out out of the ring earlier than the diamond is ready. When you determine on the colour you’d like, you must also take into account what setting the diamond might be positioned on. Lighter metals can lighten the colour of a diamond, whereas yellow and rose gold bands can conceal diamonds with shade already in them, so this can have an enormous affect.

Are There Real Colored Diamonds?

Yes, there are! You could have seen pink, black, chocolate, and even blue and purple diamonds. Typically, there are hint parts of their chemical make-up that give them their look.

Red diamonds want a really particular set of circumstances to happen, so they’re the rarest and costliest of the true-color diamonds. These are graded otherwise, and fewer vigorously, on a fancy-vivid to fancy-faint shade scale that considers their consistency and vibrancy.

Prices for coloured diamonds actually range. For instance, this 1.5-carat intense yellow diamond is $9,075 whereas this 1.5-carat mild orangy pink diamond is $90,005.

Clarity Ratings for 1.5 Carat Diamond Rings

The readability of a diamond is likely one of the most necessary components when figuring out its worth. Clarity refers back to the absence of blemishes and inclusions in a diamond, and the less of those there are, the upper the worth of the diamond. Both of those are minuscule flaws, one exterior and one inner, that may have an effect on how vibrant and glittering the diamond seems.

An professional grader will decide the readability grading, utilizing the size set out by GIA and with a magnification device that lets them view the diamond underneath 10x magnification. This grading system makes use of letters for every score, together with FL for flawless and SI and I for barely included and included.

The distinction between any two grades could also be barely seen to the bare eye, so if you need extra bang on your buck, selecting a VS1 or VS2 diamond is the most effective worth. This is a fast information to the readability score of diamonds and what every of the letters signifies

  • Flawless (FL): This is the best high quality of readability, that means that there aren’t any blemishes or inclusions, even underneath 10x magnification.
  • Internally flawless (IF): Internally flawless diamonds could have some blemishes however no inclusions when seen underneath 10x magnification.  
  • Very, very barely included (VVS1 and VVS2): Only the slightest variety of inclusions are discovered at this degree, and even some expert graders gained’t be capable of see them underneath 10x magnification. 
  • ·Very barely included (VS1 and VS2): A diamond that has inclusions that may be thought of minor and are seen with some effort underneath 10x magnification.
  • Slightly included (SI1 and SI2): The inclusions and blemishes are apparent underneath 10x magnification however nonetheless thought of slight and sure not seen to the bare eye.
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3): Any diamond with inclusions that may be seen simply underneath 10x magnification and will even be attainable to the bare eye as a result of they have an effect on the transparency of the diamond.   
D $22,063 $16,576 $14,865 $14,168 $11,483 $10,411 $7,732
E $20,972 $16,597 $15,908 $11,164 $10,611 $9,502 $7,960
F $18,289 $16,088 $14,173 $12,620 $11,757 $9,628 $7,137
G $15,978 $14,407 $12,587 $11,666 $10,357 $8,881 $6,087
H $13,947 $10,858 $11,192 $10,409 $8,468 $7,195 $6,313
I $12,507 $8,454 $8,839 $8,443 $7,239 $7,283 $6,493
J $10,707 $8,839 $8,229 $6,674 $7,203 $5,800 $5,451
Okay $7,760 $6,931 $6,773 $5,984 $5,457 $5,075 $4,467

Note: All pricing examples are present as of 11/17/2022 and apply to in-stock diamonds. 

How to Choose the Best 1.5 Carat Diamond Ring

As probably the most in style weights of diamond rings, it may be difficult to buy a 1.5-carat stone. However, so long as you retain the components we’ve mentioned in thoughts and select one thing that fits your style and funds, you’ll get the proper match.

In basic, a 1.5-carat diamond with a G or H for shade and VS1 or VS2 for readability might be your finest worth and price round $10,000.


1.5-carat diamonds are lovely, and a terrific mixture of sensible to put on and lovely to behold. They’re a super-popular alternative for engagement and wedding ceremony jewellery because of this, but in addition frequent by means of different lovely items.

If you’re shopping for an engagement ring, particularly, the traditional is a “solitaire” diamond, the place the stone is the only real focus of the ring. However, some folks like combined settings, so all the time let style be a driver—you need to cherish your ring, in spite of everything!


The setting of your ring can affect how massive your diamond seems. For instance, a ravishing halo setting will make your 1.5-carat diamond look even bigger. In addition let’s simply point out that the general form of the ring, whereas it has an impact on the value, has a higher impact on how a lot you like it. So select what speaks to your coronary heart.


An incredible reduce lets the diamond shine. With a high quality reduce, the interior flaws of readability or shade in a diamond could be hid, and if it’s poorly reduce, you’ll see extra apparent tints of brown or yellow. So, take note of the reduce grading, and goal for “excellent.”


Remember that there’s a distinction between coloured diamonds (like black or purple) and the colour grading for conventional diamonds. There’s no proper reply right here, however should you’re choosing a conventional diamond, search for an I-grade or larger that pairs effectively with the steel of the band.


A top quality diamond ought to include a certification from the jeweler that verifies the gradings and general worth of the stone. Any time you buy a diamond ring, particularly a 1.5-carat design, you have to be given a duplicate of its certification and documentation.

This ensures that you understand what the ring is value and might have it insured, nevertheless it’s additionally useful should you plan on reselling it sooner or later and have to show its high quality to others.

Lab-Grown vs Natural

It’s value mentioning lab-grown diamonds right here. These are 100% real diamonds, and even professionals can’t inform the distinction between them and pure diamonds with out trying on the certification.

However, they’re simpler to come back by than mined diamonds, so you may typically rating a pleasant saving should you’re snug with them—take into consideration 50% lower than a mined diamond for the 1.5-carat weight. Some view them as a extra moral diamond sort, too. 

For instance, this 1.5-carat supreme spherical diamond is $11,005 whereas the lab-grown model is simply $2,315. That’s nearly $9k in financial savings.

Famous 1.5 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings

If you’re on the lookout for inspiration when selecting a 1.5-carat diamond engagement ring, there are some well-known women who put on one. Here are some beauties you may drool over!

  • Scarlet Johansson has had a number of engagement rings in her time! Her engagement ring to Romain Duariac was considered between 1.5 and a pair of carats, that includes a solitaire diamond on a traditional twisted yellow gold band, and each bit as subtly lovely as she is.
  • Actress Ginnifer Goodwin has all the time most well-liked a smooth, classical look and her engagement ring was no completely different. Hers encompasses a 1-carat diamond within the heart with channel-set diamond shoulders on both facet, equaling round 1.5 carats in whole. You’ll see it known as a “1.5-carat TCW”, or whole carat weight. In addition, the diamond is mounted on a platinum band, which helps it shine much more impressively, and it has a stunning sq. reduce.
  • Keira Knightly’s engagement ring is likely one of the most classical and easy rings in all of Hollywood, however that solely makes it stand out extra! The ring encompasses a single 1.5-carat diamond with a solitaire diamond in a prong setting. It is paired with a stunning platinum band, so it’s unassuming and classically lovely.
  • Amy Adams’ engagement ring was designed by world-famous French designer Jean Dousset and encompasses a 1-carat sensible reduce diamond and 0.5 carats of stones in a diamond halo surrounding it. There aren’t any prongs on this design, which is Dousset’s signature fashion, and it encompasses a secret stone beneath it that solely Amy can admire. 

Where to Buy a 1.5 Carat Diamond Ring

Nowadays, we now have extra selections than ever earlier than for getting high quality jewellery. Most folks will both store in a brick-and-mortar retailer, or on-line. There are advantages and disadvantages no matter the place you store, so you will need to take into account them fastidiously and select an choice that works for you.


Buying on-line generally is a little scary, particularly if you’re making a purchase order as important as a ravishing diamond ring. However, shopping for jewellery on-line has by no means been safer and it brings some perks that you just gained’t discover when buying in a bodily retailer.

The largest upside to buying at an internet jeweler is their vary, particularly should you reside in an space with out quite a lot of brick-and-mortar shops to buy in. Another bonus is that their costs are loads decrease as a result of they don’t have the overhead prices {that a} bodily retailer does, they usually can move these financial savings on to their clients.

However, there are dangers concerned if you buy a 1.5-carat diamond ring on-line, so you will need to select a good and well-trusted retailer. It’s necessary to discover a vendor that has a safe web site, protected fee choices, an open returns coverage, and utter transparency in regards to the certifications and valuations of their inventory—as you’d count on from any skilled jeweler.

If you would like to buy a diamond ring on-line, we put collectively this listing of reliable distributors to contemplate.

Local Jewelry Stores

Unlike among the larger carat values, there must be loads of 1.5-carat diamond choices in a conventional jewellery retailer. However, there’ll nonetheless be lower than you’ll find on-line. Shopping at a brick-and-mortar retailer lets you bodily view and deal with the piece, in addition to look at its certification for your self.

Although a bodily jewellery retailer is often dearer as a consequence of its overheads, many consumers really feel safer after they can examine the diamond themselves. If you’re searching for somebody particular, having them include you and take a look at on rings ensures the appropriate match as effectively, so it’s typically value the additional cash.

However, each choices are strong and dependable, so select what works finest for you.

Choosing a 1.5 Carat Triumph

There are loads of good the reason why the 1.5-carat diamond ring is likely one of the hottest kinds. At this weight, the diamond is large enough to be a present stopper with out being excessive, and it’ll make any girl really feel like one million {dollars}.

However, searching for such a severe funding requires scrutiny and considerate planning to make sure you get nice worth. You ought to have in mind the 4C gradings—the colour, readability, reduce, and carats—but in addition the appear and feel of the ring and the private style of the wearer.

A diamond ring is an funding that may final a lifetime with the appropriate care, and a 1.5- carat diamond is a lifetime companion. Hopefully, you’ll now really feel empowered with all of the information it is advisable to make the proper alternative for you or your sweetheart!

Curious about how different carats stack up subsequent to your bling? Check out these guides for different in style diamond rings: