The 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games are underway. Day One of the Team competitors kicked off August 3, shortly after the Individual competitors earlier within the day. Team occasions will happen from August 3 to 7, with a number of occasions (or “workouts”) programmed all through every day.

August 4 was initially scheduled to be a much-needed day of relaxation. However, as a result of an prolonged climate delay after Wednesday’s first occasion, Team Events Two and Three have been rescheduled and can change the remainder day.

Here are the outcomes for the Team Division from the 2022 NOBULL CrossFit Games in Madison, WI.

Editor’s Note: On Feb. 24, 2022, CrossFit launched a press release by which they stated they’d not acknowledge the governments of Russia or Belarus all through the 2022 season. As a consequence, CrossFit has eliminated Russian and Belarusian flags and names from the profiles of Individual and Team opponents.

2022 CrossFit Games Teams Division Top 5

  1. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 194 factors
  2. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue [Norway] — 179 factors
  3. CrossFit Mayhem Independence [USA] — 179 factors
  4. CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 170 factors
  5. CrossFit Omnia Black [USA] — 152 factors

Event One — Biker Bob

The Team Division’s first occasion was “Biker Bob” — three rounds of a number of occasions carried out for time. Each four-person crew first wanted to push a 667-pound “bob”-sled down a area size.

Credit: CrossFit Games / YouTube

The groups then break up into two blended male-female pairs, with one pair performing a one-mile bike experience whereas the opposite male-female crew pushed the sled 252 toes earlier than instantly performing 30 synchronized toes-to-bar lifts. When the primary crew returned from the bike experience, every pair switched to carry out the alternative occasion.

After the third spherical of toes-to-bar, all 4 members once more pushed the sled to the end line. The complete occasion had a most time restrict of 40 minutes.

First Heat Top 5

Team eighth Day CrossFit Black — consisting of husband and spouse pair Michael and Heather Paas, Ryan Schafer, and Zoe Jones — narrowly took the lead with their likelihood on the first occasion. It’s the Michigan-based crew’s second look on the CrossFit Games.

  1. eighth Day CrossFit Black [USA] — 28:02.78
  2. CrossFit Oslo Purple Red [Norway] — 28:10.25
  3. CrossFit Taranis LifeTree [Canada] — 29:13.19
  4. CrossFit 2150 Team Norce BL [Norway] — 29:51.15
  5. Rhapsody CrossFit [USA] — 30:04.82

Second Heat Top 5

After an almost three-hour climate delay, the second warmth of crew competitors might start. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue, lead by two-time Individual Games winner Annie Thorisdottir, earned a first-place win over the previously dominant CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, lead by four-time Individual Games champion Rich Froning.

  1. CrossFit Oslo Navy Blue [Norway] — 24:25.80
  2. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 24:37.81
  3. CrossFit Mayhem Independence [USA] — 24:37.87
  4. CrossFit Portti [Finland] — 25:01.19
  5. CrossFit Invictus [USA] — 25:09.67

Event Four — Pegs and P-Bars

Due to the climate delay, Team Event Four proceeded as initially deliberate, whereas Events Two and Three will happen on August 4. Pegs and P-Bars was a timed occasion which examined groups with a number of rounds of a pegboard climb, 15 parallel bar dips, and 15 synchronized burpees carried out by all 4 crew members concurrently.

As an added problem, the burpees had been carried out laterally over a 300+ pound “Worm” sandbag. The Worm was held by two crew members whereas the remaining members carried out the dips and pegboard.

Pegs and P-Bars Top 5

  1. eighth Day CrossFit Black [USA] — 9:28.04
  2. CrossFit Mayhem Freedom [USA] — 09:29.34
  3. CrossFit Move Fast Lift Heavy [USA] — 9:36.97
  4. CrossFit Taranis LifeTree [Canada] — Cap +2
  5. AB CrossFit [USA] — Cap +3

Featured Image: Courtesy of Barbell Stories