Did you already know that the 6-carat diamond is likely one of the hottest of the bigger diamond sizes? It’s the go-to for wearers who need a diamond that stands out from the gang, so makes for a improbable selection in engagement or marriage ceremony jewellery, in addition to for a particular present.

But shopping for a diamond of this measurement and value could be intimidating certainly. Luckily we’ve rounded up all the guidelines, tips, and information it’s worthwhile to make buying a 6-carat diamond simple- simply maintain studying!

6 Carat Diamond Ring Price 

There’s loads that goes into pricing diamonds of any measurement. And you might need seen that costs for diamonds of the identical carat worth, which could appear much like you, can fluctuate wildly based mostly on their certification. 6-carat diamonds can value between $15,000 and $80,000 a carat.

Hold up- certification? Yes! High-quality diamonds are licensed and assigned particular grades in keeping with the 4Cs– carat, lower, coloration, and readability. And it’s the place particular person items fall on this scale that determines their ultimate value.

The two most trusted and dependable certifications for diamonds are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS (American Gem Society).

You already know you need a ravishing 6-carat diamond, and when you’re taking a look at a particular form, the worth will keep considerably constant between items (we’ll elaborate on lower and form a bit of extra under).

But by deciding on the readability and coloration parameters that matter most to you, you can even stability value together with your funds like a professional.

Let’s take a better look. We’ll be throwing round some grading terminology right here, however don’t let that section you! We’ll break all of it down later.

The diamond costs we might be discussing listed below are for probably the most coveted form, round-brilliant. You may discover equal diamonds in numerous shapes for rather less.

The absolute top-end certification for a 6-carat diamond will lie at a D-grade coloration and FL, or flawless, readability. This is a near-perfect diamond in each method potential and can set you again about $400,000.

However, simply because this diamond is graded the very best doesn’t imply it’s the easiest selection, and the worth tag could also be a contact steep. Luckily, there are many different stunning gems to take pleasure in!

If we take a tiny step down the certification scale, to F-grade coloration and VVS1-clarity, we’re nonetheless coping with an distinctive gem certainly, and it’ll value round $330,000 as a substitute.

If you’re on the lookout for one of the best stability of value and high quality, we sometimes counsel a hoop within the G to I coloration grades and VS1 (or 2) readability grade. Here you’re nonetheless receiving a ravishing clear diamond, with solely the slightest of inclusions, and it is going to be practically indistinguishable from these premium grades we simply checked out.

Down to the I-grade, you’ll nonetheless be capable to flash your sparkle on a white gold or platinum band with the clearest coloration. Yet you’ll be able to anticipate to pay between $130,000 to $180,000 for these beauties.

If you’re extra inclined to the normal romance of yellow gold, you’ll be able to even take into account a J-grade coloration on the similar readability and will discover your dream ring for just below $100,000.

You will discover 6-carat diamonds on the decrease finish of the dimensions for as little as $60,000, however when you go the Okay-color grade and SI2 readability grade, you’re venturing into the poor-quality territory.

A couple of different elements can dictate the ultimate value of a diamond ring, together with the place the diamond was sourced, the setting and different gems used to make the ring, and whether or not the jeweler has a coveted model identify. 

Where to Buy a 6 Carat Diamond Ring 

Shopping for a diamond ring could be difficult, and it will get even more durable while you’re on the lookout for a bigger diamond, as they are often uncommon to maintain in inventory. Your greatest choices might be to look on-line or go to a jewellery retailer. Both, after all, have execs and cons to think about.


Online jewelers have change into a stable and viable selection in recent times. Of course, whereas there are stellar and respected on-line jewelers on the market, you at all times need to do your analysis too.

Because you’ll be able to’t view the diamond in individual, you wish to be sure that they’re well-known and trusted, and have sturdy web safety, stable returns insurance policies, and glorious customer support. And it goes with out saying- solely buy licensed diamonds!

You will normally pay much less for a similar piece by way of a web based vendor as a result of they don’t need to cowl the overheads which might be a part of a standard retailer’s value. Typically, you’ll even have extra selections as a result of they’ll carry extra inventory. With a big diamond like a 6-carat, this will rely. 

Here are just a few respected distributors you’ll be able to strive.

Blue Nile is our absolute favourite, although! They’ve been in the marketplace for a few years and have gained thousands and thousands of hearts with their attractive designs, satisfying each basic and indulgent tastes.

Here are two examples of 6-carat diamond rings provided by Blue Nile we actually wished to share with you at this time:

  1. French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
French Pavé Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $108,432

This 6.24 Ct. French Pavé diamond engagement ring is the last word showstopper! It has a VG Cut, Okay Color, and scores SI1 on the Clarity scale. The value of this magnificence is $108,432.

  1. Split Shank Pavé and Plain Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Split Shank Pavé and Plain Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Split Shank Pavé and Plain Shank Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $141,999

This is a shocking 14k rose gold ring, house to a 6-carat spherical lower diamond. The elegant basis, accented with glowing pavé diamonds set into an infinity-shaped band is ideal for individuals who wish to drift away from typical design. The value of this attractive ring is $141,999.

Local Jewelry Stores 

Traditional jewellery shops nonetheless carry lots of belief with consumers, as you’ll be able to bodily see and deal with the piece earlier than shopping for, in addition to examine its certification earlier than you commit.

However, 6-carat diamonds, as a bigger diamond, will also be uncommon to seek out in customary inventory, and chances are you’ll discover your selections restricted. You can anticipate to spend so much extra journey time taking a look at totally different places, too. 

How Big Is a 6 Carat Diamond Ring 

A 6-carat diamond is a weighty buy, and one the attention might be instantly drawn to. Many individuals suppose carats and measurement are linked, however they’ve truly obtained it unsuitable. The customary carat system for diamonds is a measure of weight, not measurement.

Each carat represents 200 mg and could be additional divided into 100 ‘points’ to offer an correct measurement. So a 6-carat diamond will weigh 1.2 grams. It doesn’t sound that a lot, however on the finger, it is going to be! 

When it involves bodily measurement, the form of the diamond you select will impression this loads. Even the usual round-brilliant lower, nevertheless, will measure about 11.7 millimeters throughout.

To put that in context, the common girl’s finger is between 16.5 millimeters and 17 millimeters wide- in order that’s a good quantity of her finger, even with out the setting, different gems, or band being thought of. It’s about 71% of the width of her finger!

While all 6-carat diamonds will, after all, weigh 1.2g and fee at these 6 carats, they gained’t all look the identical visually. Some shapes of diamonds sit with extra of the rock beneath the ‘girdle’, or midpoint the place the setting encapsulates the diamond.

This generally is a plus while you’re coping with bigger diamonds, relying on the long run wearer’s tastes.  But bear in mind to account for the ‘height’ of the ring from the finger, too, as this may be off-putting to some wearers. Others will like it. 

6 Carat Diamond Ring: Shapes, Cuts, and Colors

The two essential features of a six-carat diamond ring are the colour and form of the stone. The selection of those normally comes down to non-public choice and funds, and there’s loads to think about while you’re searching for a hoop of this measurement.

Diamond Shape and Cut

Many individuals consider the lower of diamond 4C’s refers to its form, however this isn’t true. The form of a diamond is its bodily form to the attention, whereas the lower is how the aspects are created, polished, and made symmetrical.

That ‘cut’ is what’s graded by skilled jewelers- however the form may matter extra to your coronary heart and pleasure of the ring.

There is a nearly limitless selection of shapes diamonds could be made, however selecting a typical one might be cheaper than a customized form. You’ll additionally discover the normal shapes extra available, particularly with an already uncommon measurement like a 6-carat diamond.

Among the most well-liked diamond shapes for rings are oval, pear-shaped, princess, asscher, cushion, or coronary heart. The fancier diamonds usually seem bigger than the historically formed ones, making them look dearer with out spending as a lot cash. They will also be cheaper- for a similar motive, oddly!

When you form a diamond, you lose a number of the uncooked stone to convey the form to life. Round-brilliant, although the basic diamond form, can be probably the most wasteful, whereas sq. shapes can lose loads much less. The extra uncooked materials misplaced, the dearer the stone. It can fluctuate from 20% to 60%

Why, then, is spherical so coveted? It can be probably the most dazzling, with as much as 58 aspects throwing sparkle and lightweight in every single place. Remember how we talked about that ‘cut’ and form aren’t technically synonymous, despite the fact that we use them that method?

The lower on a spherical diamond- evaluated by a jeweler for symmetry and three key sparkle varieties (scintillation, fireplace, and brilliance) could be strictly graded. On the opposite shapes- known as ‘fancy’ shapes within the industry- there’s a much less exact lower grading, however they nonetheless look fastidiously at polish and symmetry.

Speaking of varied shapes and cuts, under you’ll see two completely gorgeous examples of 6-carat spherical lower diamond rings provided on Blue Nile.

  1. Classic Six-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic Six-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic Six-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Price: $267,128

You can by no means go unsuitable with a basic engagement ring with a glowing heart stone. Six platinum prongs safe and help the middle stone, which is a fabulous 6.01-carat diamond in a spherical form of excellent lower.

The value for this magnificence is $267,128. You can decide the fabric of the band from Platinum to 18k gold. 

  1. Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 
Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Cushion Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Price: $271,225

This breathtaking halo diamond ring is an absolute assertion of sparkle and brilliance. It showcases a cushion halo of pavé-set diamonds to border a 6.31-carat diamond of your selection set in enduring platinum. It’s a super lower, D coloration, and VS3 readability and it prices $271,225.

Round $141,049
Princess $65,554
Emerald $81,275
Asscher $133,834
Cushion $76,131
Marquise $97,314
Radiant $81,298
Oval $107,882
Pear $211,185
Heart $111,038

Diamond Colors

Strangely, once we speak about coloration rankings in conventional white diamonds, we’re truly speaking concerning the lack of coloration! The excellent diamond is as pure and clear as a water drop and would earn a D coloration ranking for it.

As we go decrease on the colour scales (it runs to Z), we begin seeing faint yellow or brown murkiness within the coloration, incomes a decrease ranking. Here’s the total scale:

  • Colorless = D, E, F
  • Near Colorless = G, H, I, J
  • Faint = Okay, L, M
  • Very Light = N, O, P, Q, R
  • Light = S, T, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Any diamond within the colorless to faint classes will doubtless look excellent to the attention. Even professionals need to grade these stones fastidiously, in strictly managed situations, and the variances are robust to see. They additionally grade them loose- as band steel can impression how we understand the colour.

The most suitable option for a six-carat diamond is between grades G and I, as this provides the clearest look however nonetheless represents good worth. If you select a decrease grade, the colour may have a extra perceptible yellow or mild brown tinge that may be obvious to the bare eye.

This can truly be a plus for the client, nevertheless! Not everybody likes the pure icy sparkle of the colorless diamonds and will choose a slight heat lent by a gold band or a barely decrease coloration grade.

However, the price might be drastically totally different for one with higher coloration, so it’s a wonderful alternative to avoid wasting cash when you’re not fussy.

What About Colored Diamonds?

So if the ‘color’ of the 4Cs is all about lack of coloration, what’s the take care of chocolate, blue, pink, and black diamonds? These colours happen naturally because the diamond varieties, normally as a consequence of chemical and steel components within the combine. Red diamonds, which want some very distinctive circumstances to type, are the rarest. 

These aren’t graded on the basic diamond coloration scale and are as a substitute evaluated for vivacity and consistency of coloration on a fancy-vivid to fancy-faint coloration. They might be known as ‘fancy’ diamonds, too! 

Clarity Rating for six Carat Diamond Rings

The readability ranking of a diamond is likely one of the most necessary gradings it has, and it’ll decide loads about the price and look of the stone (as you’ve already seen). The readability of a diamond refers to how clear/clear it’s.

When grading a diamond for readability, the appraiser will have a look at what number of blemishes or inclusions they’ll see when viewing it by way of a magnifier. Blemishes check with small points on the surface of the diamond, whereas inclusions check with these inside the diamond.

These occur naturally because the diamond varieties deep within the earth, however can have an effect on how brilliant and sparkly it seems. A diamond might be nearly clear on the highest degree, with no indicators of something there while you look by way of it at 10x magnifications

Once the diamonds get to a sure degree of readability, it is going to be inconceivable to detect a distinction with the bare eye. Instead, an professional might want to assess the diamond and supply a transparent grading.

Anything above the VVS2 grade is near-impossible to guage with the attention, though a higher-carat diamond, like a 6-carat diamond, could make them a bit of extra apparent.

This is the present ranking the GIA makes use of for diamonds:

  • Flawless (FL)—no inclusions or blemishes 
  • Internally Flawless (IF)—zero seen inclusions 
  • Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)—some inclusions which might be tough for an skilled jeweler to watch with high-powered magnification 
  • Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)—inclusions could also be seen beneath magnification by a talented appraiser
  • Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)—considerably noticeable inclusions 
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3)—noticeable inclusions

Here’s how issues appear to be for a 6-carat diamond. For occasion, a 6-carat diamond with an Internally Flawless Clarity and coloration D, which is the very best “colorless” grade, would value round $580,000. Here’s how the costs look once we change the Color and Clarity traits. 

D $585,301 N/A N/A $470,020 $269,235 $242,074 N/A
E N/A N/A $379,913 N/A N/A $219,442 N/A
F N/A $462,822 N/A $288,162 $266,381 $170,269 N/A
G $227,255 N/A N/A $266,388 N/A N/A $130,479
H N/A $276,101 $259,875 $171,447 $201,048 N/A N/A
I $214,981 N/A $145,175 $129,364 $142,062 $108,144 $100,944
J N/A N/A $181,000 N/A N/A $118,444 $111,119
Okay $112,809 N/A N/A $109,312 $93,988 $94,792 $82,971

Note: All pricing examples are present as of 11/17/2022 and apply to in-stock diamonds. 

How to Choose the Best 6 Carat Diamond Ring 

As one of the crucial important investments you’ll ever make, you wish to be sure to’re selecting the very best 6-carat diamond ring. Here are some tricks to think about when making your treasured buy.

To get one of the best worth to your buy, we propose going for particular GIA or AGS-certified grades. For a 6 Carat diamond ring, it’s higher to stay to Ideal or Excellent grades for lower on the GIA scale. For coloration, go for G to I, and VS1 or VS2 for Clarity.


6-carat diamonds are most frequently used because the wow-factor solitaire on an engagement ring. However, relying on how usually you put on jewellery and your funds, you’ll discover loads in different varieties too, even some marriage ceremony jewellery.

They could also be a bit of cumbersome to put on day-to-day, nevertheless. So contemplating the event, style of the wearer, and elements like once they intend to put on it’s important. 


We’ve already regarded on the form of diamonds. You also needs to take into account how the diamond might be set and if there might be any further diamonds or stones surrounding it, and match it to your or your beloved’s tastes. It’s probably the most ‘visible’ issue of the ring, so that you need them to like it dearly. 


A good vendor will supply certification on each diamond they promote, particularly for a purchase order like a 6-carat diamond ring. The two most revered grading programs are the GIA and AGS, so be sure that the jeweler provides both of those.

This ensures that you simply’re paying for the standard of diamond that you really want. The diamond certificates is an official doc that can element issues like polish grade, lower, carat, and readability, so there’s no confusion over the standard of the diamond you’re shopping for.


Did you already know that lab-grown diamonds exist? And they’re 100% pure diamonds, too, simply made in a lab relatively than by way of pure processes. Because of those managed situations, and the shortage of shortage, they are often considerably cheaper than mined diamonds.

On a big carat weight like 6 carats, it might be about 70% cheaper, and chances are you’ll get a gem with higher gradings, too. Many additionally see them as an moral different to historically mined diamonds, so don’t neglect to have this in your radar.

If you’re nonetheless unsure if a lab-grown diamond ring is for you, check out this attractive 6-Carat lab-grown ring.

  1. Low Dome Eternity Ring
Low Dome Eternity Ring
Low Dome Eternity Ring
Price: $7,290

An eternity ring is a reminder that love is everlasting and the vows you made together with your companion in your marriage ceremony day are nonetheless legitimate to at the present time. What higher method to shock your important different in your anniversary than to get them a stunning eternity ring? 

This low dome eternity ring by Blue Nile is a fabulous 6 ct. Tw. of round-cut lab-grown diamonds, elegantly encircling the band. It’s crafted for a cushty really feel and it’s fabricated from 14k white gold. The beginning value for this magnificence is $7,290.

Famous 6 Carat Diamond Engagement Rings 

The exclusivity of a 6-carat diamond engagement ring appeals to celebrities, and loads of notable rings in leisure historical past have been 6-carat beauties. Looking for some inspiration? Why not verify these out?

  • Jennifer Lopez’s unique engagement ring from Ben Affleck was a 6.1-carat pink diamond, however everyone knows what occurred to the primary spherical of Bennifer! When he proposed once more in 2022 and needed to enhance the stakes, he upgraded to an 8.5-carat inexperienced diamond which was much more spectacular.
  • When banking inheritor James Rothschild proposed to Nicky Hilton in 2014, their square-cut diamond ring took heart stage in lots of gossip mags. Although no official stats had been launched concerning the ring, it’s clear to consultants that it’s at the very least six carats and of spectacular high quality.
  • Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney had been engaged to be married in 2015. While they known as it off the next 12 months, her 6-carat heart-shaped diamond will go down in historical past as one of many greatest and greatest. Did you already know that heart-shaped diamonds are sometimes cheaper than others?
  • Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have one in all Hollywood’s longest-lasting marriages. While it’s doubtless not as a consequence of her spectacular engagement ring, it most likely helped seal the deal again within the day. Aquamarine stones on both aspect flank the 6-carat diamond heart, and Justin is credited with designing the ring himself. Not dangerous, proper?
  • Anne Hathaway has one of many leisure {industry}’s smallest rings, however small can carry understated class and basic magnificence, and hers positively does. Her attractive engagement ring incorporates a 6-carat emerald-cut diamond from world-famous jeweler Kwiat, and value an estimated $150,000 to make.
  • Meghan Markle’s engagement ring was lately up to date from the unique that Prince Harry gave her, with the brand new one totaling round 6 carats. With one heart stone of round 4 carats and two diamonds on both aspect of .75 carats every, including all of them up equates to six stunning carats of diamonds. Did you already know that it is a kind of ranking diamonds have? If you ever see ‘6-carat TCW’, it means whole carat weight, or the sum of the carats within the ring, relatively than one stone alone holding 6 carats.

An Exceptional Beauty 

There’s nothing extra thrilling than searching for a diamond ring, particularly when it’s as large and distinctive as a 6-carat one! However, you should do your homework to make sure you’re getting one of the best worth for cash and selecting a diamond that matches your preferences in addition to your pocketbook.

Now you’re powered up with all of the information it’s worthwhile to assess a diamond’s lower, coloration, and readability. The greater their ranking, the extra you’ll be able to anticipate to pay- however don’t select on price ticket alone!

For such a big funding, you need to have the ability to take pleasure in its magnificence as soon as it’s in your finger, so let your personal tastes and loves shine by way of too. With the information you now have, you’ll be capable to purchase a chunk you’ll treasure, and get a top quality deal too.

Curious about how different carats stack up subsequent to your bling? Check out these guides for different widespread diamond rings: