An 8-carat diamond is a glittering assertion piece the attract of which is tough to disclaim. Beautiful, uncommon, and sizeable, they’re an eye-popping addition to any piece of knickknack.

However, as with all of the high-carat diamonds, their uncommon dimension means they are often tough to snag as a top quality piece. They’re uncommon to search out, and meaning you need to know precisely what you’re shopping for earlier than you soar in.

Luckily, when you’re severe about getting your self one in every of these good baubles, we’ve every part it’s worthwhile to know to make your buy journey a hit.

What Is an 8 Carat Diamond Ring?

With some celebrities displaying off their stunning 8-carat diamonds- suppose Gwyneth Paltrow and Gabrielle Union- they’ve turn into one thing of a coveted diamond class of late. But what does that glittering 8-carat description even imply?

Carats are a system of measuring diamond weight. Each carat weighs 200 mg, so an 8-carat diamond is weighing in at a strong 1.6 grams. Additionally, carats are damaged into 100 ‘points’, which show you how to to make clear the burden extra carefully.  One level six grams could not sound a lot- however set in a stunning ring, it’s huge certainly!

Let’s take this second to say that an 8-carat diamond will not be the identical as an 8-carat whole carat weight or TCW. Where you see the TCW description, it means all the stones within the piece collectively quantity to eight carats. On the opposite hand, an 8-carat diamond is simply that- one diamond that weighs 8 carats. 

Of course, no two 8-carat diamond rings are alike, and even the diamonds themselves will fluctuate tremendously. They are available in a variety of shapes and colours, with totally different band metals, and is usually a gleaming single solitaire (conventional for engagement rings) or the scintillating centerpiece of a full show. But wherever they’re, they’re daring, stunning, and distinctive.

If you’re out there for an 8-carat piece of wedding ceremony jewellery, there’s some stunning symbolism related to the quantity 8. It’s seen to characterize infinity and is commonly used as an indication of eternal love.

However, together with that lovely symbolism, you need a high quality buy. We’re going to stroll you thru utilizing the 4C grading system- carat, reduce, readability, and color- to get the very best steadiness of high quality and price in your fancy new ring. 

How Much Does an 8 Carat Diamond Ring Cost

How Much Does an 8 Carat Diamond Ring Cost?

Fire up your favourite search engine and pop in ‘8-carat diamond ring’. You’ll see a large variance in costs! How is it doable that the identical factor may be priced so wildly otherwise? From lower than $100,000 to effectively over one million, what makes for this large worth unfold?

Remember these 4Cs we talked about? This isn’t only a cute time period, it’s a globally accepted set of standards that assist consider and certify diamonds.

While there’s a number of score programs round, the 2 most trusted are the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and the AGS (American Gem Society), and we urge consumers to make sure one of many certifications is on the market for any diamond they purchase. We’ll stroll you thru every of those vital classes to grasp diamonds in a second, however let’s become familiar with some figures!

Every licensed diamond is evaluated on the 4C standards and assigned a score. Because the carats we’re taking a look at are fixed- 8 carats- and since the reduce may be more-or-less constant when you’re wanting on the identical form of diamond (we’ll elaborate on this additional beneath), there’s two gradings which have a very giant affect on price- readability, and shade.

Don’t get too overwhelmed simply but! We’ll be tossing some grading terminology round, nevertheless it’s all defined later. Now let’s speak about worth.

The most coveted shade grade (D) and readability grade (FL, or Flawless) will all the time be your costliest choice. A D-grade, FL-grade diamond is sort of good on each metric, so that you’d count on that, proper? But they’re additionally tremendous rare- when you discover one, it is going to price you effectively over one million {dollars}, and also you’d be fortunate to search out it.

But few diamonds make this standard- and so they don’t must be beautiful, both! A D-grade, VVS1-clarity 8-carat diamond ring may be had for a bit over $500,000, and it is a significantly high-quality piece.

A G-color diamond will look close to identical- nonetheless icy and clear- and on the identical readability score (VVS1), will price you a bit above $300,000. We would, in actual fact, suggest an H-color and VS1 readability diamond as the proper steadiness of high quality and cost-effectiveness, and these retail across the $200,000 mark.

However, you continue to have room to mess around and get a improbable piece. While we’d suggest sticking with the VS1 or VS2 readability classes as your finest decide, even white metallic bands (which may spotlight shade inconsistencies) nonetheless look nice with an I-grade diamond, and you may count on to pay about $140,000 at this level. If you like the look of conventional yellow gold, you may step that all the way down to J-grade, and pay about $120,000 for a blingy diamond that may look nice.

You will discover 8-carat diamonds priced as little as $90,000 on the minimal ‘good’ 4C scores, however at this level, you’re paying for a diamond that’s a bit low on the standard scale. On common, per-carat costs for 8-carat diamonds fluctuate from $12,000- $40,000, and your finest steadiness of high quality and price lies within the $17,500-$20,000 vary for spherical diamonds.

Remember- the standard round-cut diamond will all the time be dearer, so when you’re searching for a elaborate form, you could discover these costs even decrease for related shade and readability.

How Big Is an 8 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring

How Big Is an 8 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring?

An 8-carat diamond is a flashy, chunky piece. No one will likely be within the room with you and fail to spot this splashy diamond ring!

Variations in faceting and cuts could make one diamond look extra petite than one other diamond of the identical carat weight. The smaller diamond could carry extra of its weight beneath its girdle (or the portion beneath the highest floor we often see on a hoop). Alternatively, an elongated form could look smaller than a spherical good. 

The common woman has about 16.5 millimeters of room on her ring finger. We’ll solely use spherical cuts for this instance. A 1-carat diamond measures 6.5 millimeters vast, taking over 40% of her finger.

In comparability, an 8-carat diamond is often 12.7 millimeters throughout, which means a complete 77% of finger house will likely be coated by this sparkly stunner! It will even really feel fairly heavy on the finger and might stand very ‘tall’ in comparison with smaller carats. Bear this in thoughts when you or the particular woman you might be shopping for for is a bit clumsy, otherwise you don’t like ‘big’ settings.

This is why you usually discover elongated shapes (just like the eye-like marquise form) in large-carat diamonds. They’ll be a bit slimmer over the width of the finger however elongated additional up it. There’s no approach round it, an 8-carat diamond in any reduce will look daring and large! 

Clarity Rating for 8 Carat Diamond Rings

Choosing an enormous diamond? Pick rigorously and well inside your required 4C parameters! 

Remember these gradings we have been tossing round above? From FL to VS1 and past, these are gradings that consult with the readability of the diamond within the ring. But what does readability even imply?

Squeezed and formed within the mantle of the earth, diamonds are by no means 100% freed from tiny little flaws, known as inclusions within the commerce. These may be attributable to tiny quantities of different supplies, and even air, getting trapped within the gem because it varieties.

The readability grading system exhibits what number of of those inside inclusions are current in your diamond, in addition to contemplating exterior blemishes.

It’s not one thing you may simply inform by taking a look at it. Experts grade the gems underneath 10x magnification, which is why the center scores (particularly the VS1 and VS2 classes) can nonetheless be attractive items to personal.

The lowest readability grades will usually have inclusions seen to the bare eye, particularly on giant diamonds like an 8-carat piece. Excellent readability grades will seem close to good (although no diamond is ideal). The fewer inclusions and the much less noticeable primarily based on their dimension, nature, place, and aid, the higher. 

Here are the readability scores, from highest grades to lowest: 

  • FL – Flawless
  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 or VVS2 – Very, Very Slightly Included
  • VS1 and VS2 – Very Slightly Included
  • SI1 and SI2 – Slightly Included 
  • Included (I1, I2, and I3)

You don’t must spring instantly for a flawless diamond. They can have hefty worth tags and should not look all that totally different from an IF or VVS1. Instead, select a stone of worth but in addition one that matches in your price range and appears fairly darn clear to you. Remember, solely an professional can precisely grade your diamond to determine worth, a necessity with a diamond of this dimension.

An splendid reduce 8.50-carat spherical diamond with a D shade score and FL for readability will price you $965,812. For an 8.22-carat spherical diamond with the identical shade score and marginally much less readability—at a single score decrease—you’ll pay $475,100. That is a whopping $490,000 saving.

D $475,100 $603,755 $698,660 $458,952 $320,535
E $431,580 $545,254 $313,580
F $307,429 $464,740 $395,160 $307,059
G $463,921 $444,687 $437,342 $307,202 $239,069
H $389,703 $430,817 $217,310 $268,316 $301,759 $197,847 $219,520
I $269,953 $264,256 $212,976 $119,390 $164,880
J $227,920 $210,865 $121,040 $165,081 $87,430
Okay $199,310 $156,539 $168,632 $133,713 $132,551

Note: All pricing examples are present as of 11/17/2022 and apply to in-stock diamonds. 

8 Carat Diamond Ring Shapes and Cuts

Can you identify ring shapes? Of course, you may. Anything apart from a traditional round-brilliant is named a elaborate form. There are ten widespread shapes: 

Round $965,812
Princess $367,904
Emerald $568,411
Asscher $395,160
Cushion $418,646
Marquise $320,535
Radiant $269,953
Oval $227,920
Pear $551,296
Heart $713,830

But do you know that form doesn’t rely all that a lot with regards to worth? It may have some impact, however not as a lot as you could suppose. However, what accounts for that worth issue?

When uncooked diamonds are formed, they lose mass to create the form. Logical, proper? Round cuts can account for as much as 60% of the ‘raw’ stone misplaced, in order that they do are typically pricier. While a few of the sq. cuts can lose as little as 20%.

But what’s the ‘cut’ that basically issues to the value of an 8-carat diamond ring? While lay folks such as you and I usually ‘cut’ and ‘shape’ interchangeably, ‘cut’ has a particular which means. It’s the way in which the facets- these sq. planes created to dazzle with the sunshine they reflect- are created. 

Cutting aspects into any form of a diamond is an artwork in itself. The common spherical diamond has 58 gleaming aspects, completely positioned to retain magnificence and symmetry. 

The total distribution and look of the aspects assist decide the standard of the reduce. All round-brilliants are graded for reduce, assessing their proportionality, use of sunshine, and total “look.” Here are the three classes evaluated: 

  • Brightness. Amount of sunshine refracted and mirrored. 
  • Fire. The signature rainbow impact created by scattered gentle.  
  • Scintillation. The sparkle, composed of sunshine and darkish areas throughout the stone.  

As you will have guessed, this may help decide price. But what about fancy shapes? They don’t have a GIA scale, however they do get graded on symmetry and polish. 

Aside from this rating, a form’s recognition can affect worth. For a very long time, the cushion reduce was the preferred for engagement stones, solely being changed by the round-brilliant after practically 100 years. 

We recommend selecting a form you like on a diamond that appears good and pleasing to your eye, moderately than sweating this one an excessive amount of.

An 8.03-carat oval reduce diamond with a VS1 score for readability, an excellent reduce, and G for shade will price you $437,342. An 8.07-carat cushion reduce diamond with the identical readability and shade scores, however with an excellent reduce will price you $233,215.

8 Carat Diamond Ring Color

When we speak about shade within the 4Cs, it’s particularly aimed on the lack of shade within the conventional white/clear diamond.

Fancy Diamonds

Does that imply all diamonds are white? Nope! You’re in all probability acquainted with pink, black, chocolate, and even yellow diamonds. And do you know pink diamonds are the rarest of the coloured diamonds?

These deliberately colourful diamonds are referred to as ‘fancy’ diamonds. They don’t fall underneath the true diamond shade grading however are rated for consistency and vibrancy of shade on a scale known as fancy-vivid to fancy-faint.

Classic Diamonds

However, the proper traditional diamond is sort of a chunk of glittering ice- clear via and thru. If they’ve faint yellow or brown shading, the grade (together with the worth) goes down.

You’ll see that the beneath Gemological Institute of America (GIA) scale ranges from D to Z, with D being the purest diamond doable. Usually, D stones look cool, icy, and sparkle. Near colorless stones within the G to J vary can seem extra pure, barely hotter, and price much less.

For this purpose, many jewelry-wearers want near-colorless stones. However, solely you may make that call! Remember that ‘warm’ bands, like conventional gold, are extra forgiving than cool bands like platinum, and might make a yellowish diamond look crystal clear.

  • D (colorless)
  • G to J (close to colorless)
  • Okay to M (faint)
  • N to R (very gentle)
  • S to Z (gentle)

This shade variation may be very tough to choose up with the untrained eye. Even consultants do it by comparability to recognized graded stones! Grading is all the time achieved free as a result of the band and different stones can affect the look a lot.

You may have a tough time telling the distinction between a G and H, and even an E and G.  So don’t pay a fortune for a letter score alone! An 8-carat stone that may be very yellow will likely be apparent, however a near-colorless stone may have such minute tones that you could be not even discover. Your finest steadiness of shade and price usually lies within the G-Okay scores.

If you might be fastened on shade, an 8.02-carat spherical reduce diamond with a super reduce, E for shade, and a VS2 for readability you’ll have a look at paying $314,572.

By comparability, an 8.07-carat spherical reduce diamond with the identical reduce and readability however Okay for the colour score would price you $168,632. While these two could present markedly totally different colours, the value saving is greater than $145,000.

How to Get the Best Value for an 8 Carat Diamond Ring

The 4C’s, readability, reduce, shade, and carat are essential. When selecting an 8-carat diamond, the carat weight is a given. However, you could have decisions with regards to readability, reduce, and color- and now you could have all of the data it’s worthwhile to leverage them for the very best outcomes! Can you chop that price ticket down additional, nonetheless? Here are another methods to know.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Lab-grown diamonds have turn into a well-liked alternative within the diamond market. Because they’re created in managed laboratory situations, moderately than mined from the earth, they usually have few inclusions and may be higher managed for shade.

And they’re 100% actual diamonds! Even skilled jewelers can’t inform the distinction with out utilizing a laser to look at the certificates quantity. Because there isn’t a shortage with lab-grown diamonds, they begin at about 50% cheaper than mined diamonds- and by the 8-carat level, they are often as a lot as 80% cheaper. 

To show this, when you have a look at a super reduce lab-created 8.02-carat spherical diamond with an F shade score, and a VS1 for readability, you may count on to pay $55,590.

For a wonderful reduce pure 8.02-carat spherical diamond with the identical readability and shade score, it is going to price you $464,740.

Buying Online

Buying on-line helps reduce the prices a brick-and-mortar retailer can face. Additionally, you may often discover a higher choice. Of course, it comes with its personal dangers, which you’ll be able to handle through the use of a trusted and respected supplier and making certain you could have a GIA certification in your piece.

Drop a Few Points

Dropping some extent or two beneath a spherical 8 carat can web you a greater deal, imagine it or not! The ensuing stone will likely be near-indistinguishable from a full 8-carat ring whereas bringing you a worth low cost to like. 

To show this, a super reduce 8.16-carat spherical reduce diamond with H for shade and VVS1 for readability will price you $430,817. A 7.32-carat spherical reduce diamond of the identical reduce, shade, and readability costs at $300,587.

Shape Your Stone

Remember how we defined that round-brilliant diamonds are the most costly to chop? If you just like the look of different shapes, you could discover them a extra budget-friendly choice. And it may be extra sensible to put on, too!

With the following tips within the bag and your chosen 4C parameters, yow will discover the stone of your desires for much less.

Where to Buy an 8 Carat Engagement Ring

You can purchase diamonds in-person in a brick-and-mortar retailer or on-line. The rarity of 8-carat diamonds could make discovering an in-person choice tough, nonetheless. In some circumstances, high-end luxurious jewelers could possibly procure some for you. 

Most people searching for an 8-carat diamond will find yourself looking on-line choices. Whether in-person or on-line, verify the vendor’s opinions, popularity, and insurance policies (just like the return coverage). All sellers ought to be capable to current you with a diamond’s grade and certification. Never purchase a big diamond like this with out strong certification!

We put collectively this listing of respected distributors that will help you get began.

An Eternity on the Finger

An 8-carat diamond is a lovely gem that may completely symbolize your everlasting love. Hopefully, you are feeling extra ready (and impressed) after studying this information! We’re positive you’ll quickly discover the best diamond reduce, shade, and readability in your treasured endlessly jewellery. 

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