Chris “CBum” Bumstead is smack dab in the midst of his low season, however that doesn’t imply he’s not testing his physique within the gymnasium each probability he will get. The bodybuilder is pursuing his fourth straight Classic Physique Olympia title (2019-2021) and appears deadset on that mission. On May 25, 2022, Bumstead shared a video on his YouTube channel that noticed him problem his chest and shoulders.

At the identical time as Bumstead pushed it in coaching, he sandwiched in an ongoing full-day Q&A for his followers and channel subscribers. Overall, it’s a complete, personable look into the thought technique of one among bodybuilding’s elite. 

Bumstead’s Chest and Shoulder Workout

Bumstead wastes no time diving into his coaching, noting that these lifts are extra about upkeep as his chest energy is slowly coming again. 

Dumbbell Chest Press 

Bumstead elects to go heavy with a standard flat dumbbell press to start out his session. After a couple of (unfilmed) working units, he notes that his high set (or the set highest in depth) was with 150-pound dumbbells in every hand. 

“Life is good, but I have to prove it. Pics or it didn’t happen.”

Flat Chest Machine Press

After taking a brief breather along with his warmup elevate, Bumstead hops onto a flat chest machine for extra presses. There look like three weight plates on each ends, however Bumstead in any other case doesn’t disclose the entire weight or the variety of units. 

Notably, Bumstead punctuates this elevate with a solution to a query about any potential retirement within the close to future. In a attainable twist, the bodybuilder says he hasn’t made any plans past 2022 and December’s upcoming Mr. Olympia. Though, that could possibly be extra him not considering too far forward but quite than an allusion to any pending choice. 

“If it goes well and I’m happy and healthy, I could do it again,” Bumstead says. “But if I’m miserable and I hate it, and I think ‘why the [expletive] am I doing this to myself?’ and I’m done and that wasn’t worth it, then I’ll probably be over it.”

Cable Chest Flye

After discussing a part of his future, Bumstead shifts to a cable machine and continues to spherical out his pectoral muscle tissues with some cable chest flyes. When accomplished, a web-based fan asks him about his coaching and restoration cycle.

CBum breaks it down as succinctly as attainable. 

“Rest and sleep and eat; there’s no secret answer to this,” Bumstead notes. “Be conscious of not overtraining. I know that word’s [overtraining] kind of [expletive], but it can be real. If you’re training hard every day, you’re probably not going to sleep great, and you’re probably not going to recover.”

The latter sleep be aware appears to be of paramount significance for Bumstead, and he reiterates the purpose. 

“So, at the top of my priority list is getting rest days in consistently, like two a week,” Bumstead says. “Equally tied in importance is sleep. I need to get eight hours of sleep, minimum. Sleep is so crucial for growth as a bodybuilder.”

Research backs up Bumstead’s sleep assertion. One research maintained that athletes with even small quantities of sleep deprivation noticed markedly adverse results on their energy, endurance, and basic well-being. (1)

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Cable Lateral Raise

Bumstead pivots to the shoulder-focused portion of his exercise, starting with cable lateral raises to heat up and pre-exhaust the muscle. Afterward, Bumstead diagrams whether or not he’ll shift any a part of his method for the 2022 Mr. Olympia.

He doesn’t mince his phrases. 

“Everything, be better, everything but being better,” Bumstead says. “For real, I’m just going to apply what I [expletive] up last year because my body was a little different and be more adjustable this year.”

Bumstead is sincere, saying he thinks he must let his physique and thoughts relaxation greater than earlier than. 

“Last year, I buried myself in a hole,” Bumstead says. “I was doing two hours of cardio, 1,5oo calories, my body was stressed, my mind was stressed, and I wasn’t losing weight. So this year, I’m not letting my mind get there. I’m going to be more relaxed. I’m going to allow myself more time… I’ll start prep earlier.”

Shoulder Machine Press

To end the session, Bumstead pumps out a couple of heavy units on a shoulder press machine with what seems to be 4 plates on either side. In what may definitely be a necessary dialogue for bodybuilders and different energy sports activities athletes alike, Bumstead then tells a fan how he offers with “mental burnout.”

“Mental burnout just comes from giving yourself the balance at the very least amount that you need it,” Bumstead says. “Personally, I burn myself the [expletive] out every year until the [Mr.] Olympia, but I know that after I can take two months off. So that’s kind of lucky for me.”

While Bumstead outlines his obvious fortune by taking breaks, he is aware of that’s not attainable for everybody, and he presents some sage recommendation in return.

“But for the average person who doesn’t have one day a year where they have to be 100 percent for, and they crash it right after, you kind of have to find your own balances,” Bumstead continues. “You better find one or two weekends where you just shut off. Leave your phone behind. You’d be surprised what solitude can do to your mind to reset.”

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Mr. Olympia Looms Closer

Much of what Bumstead posts on his YouTube channel today has a connection to the Mr. Olympia. The 2022 version of the competition will place on December 15-18, 2022, in Las Vegas, NV. At the time of this writing, it’s nonetheless 29 weeks away, giving Bumstead loads of time to reap advantages from these psychological and bodily shifts in his coaching. 


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Featured picture: @cbum on Instagram