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You know that having a correct skincare routine that features serums, moisturizers, oils, and toners will help your pores and skin feel and appear its finest and hold your pores and skin wholesome. But what about an oral skincare routine, fueled by dietary dietary supplements? 

Supplements could be useful if you happen to’re lacking vitamins in your every day food regimen. However, can dietary supplements be simply as efficient in case your pores and skin wants a little bit of a lift? We requested consultants for his or her suggestions on oral supplementation. 

The Benefits of Taking Oral Supplements for Skincare

Oral dietary supplements could be useful on the subject of serving to your pores and skin shine from inside. According to Eddie Zhao, co-founder of Yüli, a cutting-edge skincare line, “A good skincare routine should be comprehensive, which means we should consider not only the products we use topically, but also connect our skin health to how we can support it internally.”

The finest instance? Staying well-hydrated. Zhao explains, “Drinking more fluids is the most effective way to keep the skin plump and hydrated. A lot of skincare products claim to detoxify… However, the skin itself does not detoxify. That needs to be done from within by supporting the immune system and the liver. Oral supplementation can optimize this support.” 

Emily C Keller, MD, FAAD, a fellowship-trained laser and beauty dermatologist who believes within the energy of preventive skincare, provides, “Topical application of products have its limitations, secondary to the size of the molecule or the fact that it cannot be stored in the skin for long periods of time. Oral supplementation allows us to get those nutrients throughout the entire body. They work for longer periods of time and can have healing effects from the inside out.”

Additionally, if you happen to’re poor in a selected vitamin, mineral, or nutrient, which might immediately have an effect on your pores and skin’s well being, taking a complement can fulfill your physique’s wants whereas additionally enhancing pores and skin’s wellness. 

Oral Supplements Can Have Drawbacks

If you’re utilizing oral dietary supplements in your skincare routine, err on the aspect of warning. They could cause surprising reactions, particularly if you happen to’re taking too many dietary supplements. 

For instance, Zhao shares that he upped his vitamin B consumption throughout a enterprise journey to assist with jet lag and ended up breaking out as a result of an overdose of vitamin B6 and B12. As with something, Zhao states, “you need to give your body what it needs in the right amounts and not overdo it.” 

Keller echoes that sentiment: “Taking supplements in abundance can have deleterious effects.” More doesn’t imply higher outcomes. Always verify along with your dermatologist earlier than orally supplementing for skincare. They’ll show you how to decide if you happen to want the complement within the first place, and the way a lot of it you need to be taking. 

These Oral Supplements May Enhance Your Skin

These are the dietary dietary supplements consultants recommend can supply the largest potential advantages on your pores and skin.


Zhao notes that “applying collagen topically to your skin is not the way to go and doesn’t work in topical form.” Collagen is essential for pores and skin well being as a result of it retains our pores and skin plump and prevents it from sagging. Instead of searching for out skincare merchandise that includes collagen, taking collagen orally by way of bone broths or collagen dietary supplements will guarantee your physique correctly absorbs and makes use of it. 

Polypodium leucotomos

An extract from a tropical fern plant, polypodium leucotomos helps scale back scaly, itchy, and sunburned pores and skin, along with lowering signs of eczema and psoriasis. Keller notes it’s good to take orally to deal with these inflammatory pores and skin circumstances and scale back the danger of solar harm. The antioxidants are higher absorbed when consumed as an ingestible. 


Beta-carotene is one other antioxidant that may shield the pores and skin from UV radiation and scale back the danger of untimely pores and skin ageing. Keller recommends taking it orally, if wanted. Beta-carotene-rich meals sources embody candy potatoes, carrots, butternut squash, cantaloupe, apricots, darkish leafy greens, like kale, broccoli, peas, and pink and yellow bell peppers. Pro-tip: Pairing these meals with a wholesome fats, like olive oil, avocados, or nuts, can enhance the physique’s absorption of beta-carotene. Cook the veggies in olive oil or have fruit with nuts for a snack. 

*As talked about above, at all times verify along with your dermatologist first earlier than supplementing. 

Can You Have a Skincare Routine That’s Completely Orally Supplemented?

Zhao advises towards this. “There is no ingestible that can substitute a sunscreen, nor a supplement that can replicate the exfoliating powers of a good acid toner, and you need that baseline manual action of a cleanser to cleanse your skin.” 

Instead, Zhao recommends utilizing a mixture of each oral supplementation and topical skincare merchandise to enrich each other. “Coming from a foundation in Traditional Chinese Medicine, it’s about bringing balance and supporting the body from the outside and from within. Our skincare provides that direct touch-point of immediate contact and engagement with the skin,” explains Zhao. Continue along with your topical skincare routine and, because the phrase “supplement” suggests, use dietary supplementation as an added bonus.