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You’ve seen these veggie-packed, effortless-looking bowls in your social feed, and maybe you’ve thought, “How do I make my basic chicken-and-rice dinner into a gorgeous bowl?” With just a little know-how – and our helpful cheat sheet – it’s really fairly easy. But earlier than we get into the how-tos, let’s have a look at what precisely turns a daily recipe right into a bowl.

The anatomy of a bowl

Every recipe is totally different and there’s no one type, however there are a number of common tips. Most bowls have a grain base – assume brown rice, quinoa, noodles or perhaps a grain-free possibility akin to cauliflower rice. Add a protein, combined veg, some flavorful crunchy toppers and end with a sauce, and also you’ve obtained a meal with a wide range of flavors and textures.

When creating your individual bowl, select a taste theme – Mexican, Japanese or Mediterranean, for example – as a spot to start out. Try balancing each crunchy and creamy components so as to add textural curiosity. Remember to drizzle the sauce on sparingly; you may all the time add extra as you go.

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Build your individual bowl

Create your individual bowl by merely choosing an ingredient, or a number of components, from every class.

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All about grains

Freekeh, farro, buckwheat and bulgur aren’t only for grain bowls – uncover their versatility in these specialty merchandise.

Fire it up

Freekeh’s slight smokiness lends itself to different flavors, which is why we love Fire Grain’s Mexican and Mediterranean variations. Each bag comprises 10.6 ounces of heirloom durum wheat that’s grown and harvested within the Galilee Mountains of northern Israel. $23, amazon.com

King of the crackers

Hayden Flour Mills is synonymous with high quality, all the time crafting its merchandise from historic, drought-resistant grains. These emmer farro crackers are not any exception. Wheat Thin-sized, these snackers are a cheese plate’s BFF. $6, haydenflourmills.com

Sip on this

Steep a pot of McCabe’s natural roasted hulled buckwheat tea and sip on a number of well being advantages. Made from roasted buckwheat, the tea is excessive in antioxidants and prized for its delicate taste and digestive properties. Enjoy scorching or chilly. $18 per 16 oz, walmart.com

Good and fast

Public Goods’ 7 Grain & Lentil combo of bulgur, long-grain rice, quinoa, wheat berries and brown lentils is sort of a roundhouse vitality kick. Bonus: Pouches will be zapped within the microwave for a facet that’s seconds away. $3.50, publicgoods.com


Bulgur Bowl

Bulgur Bowl(Photo: Ronald Tsang)

Most folks in all probability had their first style of bulgur through a forkful of tabbouleh. Although scrumptious tossed with mint, parsley, lemon juice and olive oil, this humble entire grain is extremely versatile and may even be baked into muffins and cookies. It’s additionally a snap to whip up, principally as a result of the cracked wheat berries are par-cooked earlier than being dried and packaged. Soak the grain in an equal quantity of boiling water, wait 10 or so minutes after which fluff and luxuriate in its low-cal, high-fiber advantages. Get the recipe right here.

Freekeh Bowl

Freekeh Bowl(Photo: Ronald Tsang)

Not solely is freekeh a superfood (say whats up to fiber, iron, calcium and zinc), however the grain additionally has a storied previous. Freekeh means “to rub” in Arabic, and the identify refers to a time way back when villagers in northern Israel harvested their wheat early in anticipation of an assault. They hid the inexperienced crop in a barn that finally burned. When the coast was clear, they found that, when the char was rubbed away, the fire-roasted kernels imparted a scrumptious, smoky taste. That accident has since changed into a follow. Get the recipe right here.

Farro Bowl

Farro Bowl(Photo: Ronald Tsang)

Chances are you already know and love this chewy and engaging grain, however do you know that farro can be jammed with vitamins? Each nutty kernel delivers a wallop of fiber,
protein, iron and magnesium. Originally farmed in Mesopotamia, the phrase farro is just Italian for “ancient wheat grain.” The generalized time period refers to 3 styles of hearty wheat—einkorn (small grain), emmer (medium grain) and spelt (massive grain). The most typical selection in North America is emmer. Get the recipe right here.

Buckwheat Bowl

Buckwheat Bowl(Photo: Ronald Tsang)

Its declare to fame is perhaps that it’s gluten-free, however buckwheat can be chock-full of protein, fiber and complicated carbohydrates. The plant, which is assessed as a pseudocereal, is commonly grown as a winter cowl crop to assist restore the soil. Thought to originate in China, the triangular seeds are processed into tea, flour and noodles. For these with celiac illness or a gluten intolerance, it’s essential to test the labels of buckwheat merchandise as a result of they’re often mixed with wheat. Get the recipe.