Commenting on the hidden indicators, Navin Khosla, Medical Writer at NiceRx stated: “Over 400 million people have diabetes around the world which goes to show how common the health issue is and on top of this figure, there is a large number of the world’s population who are suffering from diabetes but are yet to be diagnosed.

“There are several symptoms which could indicate a person is suffering from diabetes including fatigue, hunger and numbness in the hands and feet and although diabetes does affect millions of people around the world, there are a number of steps we can all take to reduce the risks.

Mr Khosla added: “In order to reduce your chances of being diagnosed with diabetes, it’s important to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible.

“Exercising regularly, eating a balanced diet and losing weight if necessary can all have a big impact on reducing the risks but if you are experiencing any of the symptoms mentioned, it’s important to seek advice from a doctor and they can investigate and prescribe you the correct medication if needed.”