Both sort 1 and kind 2 diabetes trigger the extent of sugar – or glucose – in your blood to turn out to be too excessive. For sort 1 sufferers this occurs when your physique can’t produce sufficient of a hormone known as insulin, which controls blood glucose. Whereas sort 2 diabetes is rather more widespread and the raised blood sugar ranges are normally attributable to being obese or not exercising sufficient.

“In some cases, itchy skin may be caused by complications of diabetes such as nerve damage or kidney disease.

“Itching of the feet, legs or ankles is a common complaint in people with diabetes that may occur as a result of a period of too high sugar levels.”

It says the degrees of itchiness can vary from “annoying to severe”.

The itching may be handled – and doubtlessly “eliminated” if the trigger itself is tackled.


For individuals with diabetes, blood sugar degree targets are 4 to seven mmol/L earlier than consuming.

And they need to be underneath 9 mmol/L for individuals with sort 1 diabetes, and underneath 8.5 mmol/L for individuals with sort 2 diabetes after consuming.

There are quite a lot of components that may enhance your threat of growing sort 2 diabetes, together with in case you:

  • Are over 40 (or 25 for south Asian individuals)
  • Have an in depth relative with diabetes (akin to a guardian, brother or sister)
  • Are obese or overweight
  • Are of Asian, African-Caribbean or black African origin.