You are doubtless acquainted with what qualities make a diamond beneficial. You don’t need your stone to be yellow until you have got a canary diamond. The whiter your diamond is, the higher! Additionally, a shiny diamond is extra wanted than one that’s boring.

A diamond’s brilliance is affected by its lower, which many individuals historically affiliate with the gem’s form. And lastly, you doubtless know that carat weight refers back to the dimension of a diamond, which undeniably impacts the fee. 

In the diamond trade, these qualities are known as the 4C’s – lower, readability, colour, and carat. In the next paragraphs, we’ll check out every and clarify how they have an effect on the ultimate value of a diamond. Let’s go!

What Are the 4C’s

As talked about, the 4 C’s of diamonds are lower, readability, colour, and carat.

While the names are self-explanatory, chances are you’ll be shocked in any respect the nuances that go into grading every facet of a diamond. 


A diamond’s lower refers to how nicely the angles and symmetry of the sides use mild to make the diamond sparkle. Some argue that lower is crucial issue out of the 4 C’s. The lower is completely different than the form of a diamond. However, cuts will be utilized in another way to numerous shapes. 

Facets are flat surfaces lower right into a diamond. They should be expertly organized in a geometrical sample that fastidiously considers the form of the stone, symmetry, and angles. A spherical good lower has fifty-eight sides. Each of those sides helps mild to enter the stone, bounce round, and be refracted again outwards. 

A diamond with a wonderful lower can have nice brilliance, hearth, and scintillation. Which all actually will be simplified all the way down to how sparkly it’s. The scale for grading lower is Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor.

Of course, the form of the stone and the jeweler’s finish objective can range the lower. Some diamonds are lower to maximise carat weight, get rid of inclusions, or be shallow sufficient for a specific setting.

An glorious lower alone doesn’t make a diamond price a fortune. For occasion, a one-carat diamond with a wonderful lower can price nearly double a one-carat diamond with a good or good lower.

The Gallery Collection™ Rolled Micropavé Diamond Engagement Ring
From: Blue Nile

This ring has distinctive sparkle and hearth. Round brilliants are one of the vital valued cuts due to their many sides that maximize mild. It’s merely beautiful and has an excellent lower. It begins at $3,832. 


Natural diamonds are shaped deep within the Earth with intense warmth and stress for hundreds of thousands of years. During their forming course of, they’ll expertise issues that result in inclusions or blemishes.

Such as different supplies getting trapped inside or fluctuations of their construction which may trigger hole tubes inside them. As a outcome, diamonds are given readability grades primarily based on their flawless look. 

Inclusions are imperfections, they usually can are available many varieties. An instance of typical inclusions are pinpoints, feathers, and cavities. Inclusions will be small or giant, copious in quantity or few.

In some circumstances, inclusions are so tiny that they can’t be observed with out magnification. If no inclusions are seen to the bare eye, the stone known as “eye-clean.” 

A jeweler will have a look at a diamond underneath 10x magnification to assign a readability grade. This is as a result of even minute inclusions can intervene with or stop mild because it passes via. If this occurs, the diamond could look much less sparkly and boring. The readability grading scale is as follows: 

  • FL (Flawless)
  • IF (Internally Flawless)
  • VVS1 (Very, Very Slightly Included 1)
  • VVS2 (Very, Very Slightly Included 2)
  • VS1 (Very Slightly Included 1)
  • VS2 (Very Slightly Included 2)
  • SI1 (Slightly Included 1)
  • SI2 (Slightly Included 2)
  • I1 (Inclusions 1)
  • I2 (Inclusions 2)

Flawless diamonds are typically fairly dear. Many jewellery wearers select a diamond that appears eye-clean for the budget-friendly value versus breaking the financial institution on a flawless or internally flawless stone. 

This ring’s diamond is simply over 1 carat. It has an excellent lower, an F colour grade, and a score of IF (internally flawless). It is probably not the most important diamond however its spectacular qualities make it very lovely and beneficial, coming in at $12,560. 

Solitaire Plus Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring
Solitaire Plus Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 1.08 Ct.
From: Blue Nile


Traditional diamonds are colorless. The most fascinating are in comparison with a pure drop of crystal water. Stones which can be notably yellow are much less beneficial. However, it may be onerous for the typical jewellery shopper to tell apart between diamond colours.

Fortunately, this isn’t at all times a nasty factor! You can generally save slightly cash by selecting a diamond with a lower-quality colour grade so long as it doesn’t look clearly discolored. The metallic you select, corresponding to yellow gold, may also assist your stone seem whiter and brighter. 

Jewelry graders, nonetheless, will be capable to inform the distinction between diamond colours. They usually use exact circumstances and examine gems to a stone with a recognized colour grade with a view to make an correct evaluation.

An knowledgeable will assign a diamond a grade on a scale that ranges from D to Z. Diamonds within the D class are colorless, whereas these within the Z class are mild yellow or brown. The GIA colour scale is as follows: 

  • D-F (colorless) 
  • G-J (close to colorless)
  • Okay-M (faint)
  • N-R (very mild)
  • S-Z (mild)

A spherical 1-carat stone with lower, SI2 readability, and a colour grade of Okay prices round $2,229. The identical stone with a colour grade of D will be valued as much as $3,504. Diamond colour grades can have a distinction of as much as $1300 when all different traits stay the identical.

Most jewelers won’t even promote diamonds that fall between an L and Z on the colour scale resulting from their noticeably dingy look. 

With a colour grade of H, this ring is almost colorless. Its pretty lower and nice readability grade solely add to its magnificence. The superb qualities of the diamond coupled with its 1.53-carat weight give it a worth of round $14,916. 

Solitaire Plus Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 1.53 Ct.
Solitaire Plus Hidden Halo Diamond Engagement Ring 1.53 Ct.
From: Blue Nile


Carat weight is the standardized methodology by which diamonds are measured, purchased, and offered. Today’s carat is equal to .2 grams or 200 milligrams.

Knowing a diamond’s carat weight is an correct option to decide its worth. The increased the carat weight, the costlier the stone (in fact, contemplating colour, lower, and readability). 

However, carat weight doesn’t at all times correlate to how large a diamond seems to be. Two one-carat diamonds can look drastically completely different relying on the form and lower.

For instance, a one-carat spherical good measures round 6.42 mm large, whereas a Marquise normally measures about 5 mm large, although its elongated form could make it seem larger. 

Most specialists advise not buying a diamond solely primarily based on carat weight. A ten-carat diamond of honest lower, poor colour, and a slightly-inclined readability grade will likely be a lot much less enticing than a smaller diamond with excessive readability, lower, and colour grade.

Sometimes, readability, lower, and colour have an effect on a diamond’s value greater than the carat weight. 

Take for instance this breathtaking solitaire with a 3-carat stone of very best lower, mid-range readability, and near-colorless hue. It is available in at $54,148 as a result of it’s a bigger specimen with beautiful qualities. 

Classic Four-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
Classic Four-Prong Solitaire Engagement Ring
From: Blue Nile

How Do They Determine the Price?

Jewelers and gemologists take all of the features of a diamond into consideration after they’re figuring out the value. Because there are such a lot of various factors, a GIA grader will usually be required to precisely assess a diamond’s high quality and assign grades for lower, colour, and readability. 

How carat weight impacts the value is extra standardized, with diamonds of a sure weight typically going for the same value. As carat weight will increase, price usually will increase exponentially as an alternative of incrementally.

This is as a result of large-sized diamonds are tougher to seek out, making them extra scarce and beneficial. However, the next value for a much bigger diamond is usually anticipated. When you apply readability, lower, and colour, the fee can range wildly amongst diamonds of the identical weight and dimension.  

For instance, a one-carat spherical with an excellent lower, a Okay colour grade, barely included, prices round $2,785. Suppose we take the lower all the way down to good and preserve the opposite components the identical, the value decreases to $2480.

Alternatively, if we take a one-carat diamond with an excellent lower, a Okay colour grade, and up the readability grade to VVSI, the value turns into $4,889. Lower the readability grade to SI1 and the value modifications to $3,356. As you’ll be able to see, readability, lower, and colour can considerably impression the bottom value assigned to a sure carat-weight diamond. 


Hopefully, you’ve discovered slightly bit extra in regards to the 4 C’s and understood you can’t base diamond value on one facet alone. In most circumstances, it’s higher to have a smaller diamond with an incredible lower, colour, and readability than it’s a giant diamond with an unappealing colour and boring readability and lower.

When it involves diamonds, selecting “the one” can take some time and energy, however in the long run, it’s all price it!