“The most important thing is it’s fun,” added the podcast host. The exercise beneficial by the physician is easy and pleasing – dancing. Everyone can do some “shimmy” from the consolation of their house. Plus, just a little little bit of dancing each day can go a good distance.

While train is understood to chop the chance of cognitive decline, dancing might be particularly potent.

“Frequent dancing was associated with a 76 percent reduced risk of developing dementia,” stated Dr Mosley.

The physician even obtained to see the helpful results of the exercise on reminiscence first-hand.

He stated: “A few years ago, I was involved in an experiment with Coventry University where we ran tests on amateur dancers before and after a vigorous 30-minute salsa dancing session. 

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“Impressively, their spatial working memory, their ability to hold visual information in the brain and then replicate it increased by 18 percent along with more modest improvements in other areas of cognitive function.”

One of the the reason why dancing may help your mind well being is its means to extend the quantity of your hippocampus.

In case you’re not conscious, the hippocampus describes the world of the mind that offers with spatial reminiscence.

Dr Mosley added: “Dancing has also been shown to improve white matter, the number of nerve cells in areas of the brain associated with processing speed and the memory. 


The guest expert suggested opting for five to 10 minutes of the “fun” exercise every day.

“I think it’s very much about fitting dance into your everyday life,” she famous.

Dr Mosley added: “Dancing really is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind fit and healthy.

“It’s just one thing you can do today and your heart, your brain and even your waistline will thank you.”