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Considering promoting your diamond ring? You’re not alone! According to, 1.8 million engagement rings are bought within the US yearly, and 1.75 million are diamond rings. Even a tiny share of that quantity provides as much as an entire lot of used marriage ceremony rings available on the market for resale. 

If you’re about to promote your diamond ring, you in all probability have questions like “how much is my ring actually worth?” or “how do I find out more about my ring?”. Don’t fear! We’ll let you know all concerning the numerous components that contribute to the ring’s last worth.

We’ll additionally tackle how native jewelers, pawn retailers, and marketplaces decide a hoop’s worth and what to anticipate from every. Let’s start!

What Determines the Price of My Diamond Ring?

The worth of your diamond ring is dependent upon the next components:

The Center Stone 

Whether it’s a diamond, ruby, emerald, or some other gem, your ring’s heart stone will most importantly affect its resale worth. Why? Because the middle stone is often the most important and greatest suited to re-cut if wanted. Also, a valuable gemstone will all the time be extra useful than the steel used to trend its setting. 

One of the primary issues to find out in case you’re contemplating promoting your ring is what sort of stone is the first gem featured in your ring. Gemstones differ in worth carat per carat. For instance, at $3.93 million per carat, a blue diamond far exceeds the common $15,000 per carat worth of a white diamond. 

While a white diamond is the commonest, it pays to confirm how a lot your ring is value if it encompasses a completely different valuable gemstone. 

While diamonds are a well-liked heart stone, different gems make gorgeous heart stones, too. The sort of heart stone impacts how a lot your ring is value. Stones akin to garnet, amethysts, and peridots will probably be inexpensive than gems like sapphire, ruby, and emerald. Similar to diamonds, the 4C’s—minimize, readability, carat, and shade—additionally affect the value of the gems.

Baguette Emerald Open Ring
Price: $275

Emeralds are usually costlier stones. For instance, this emerald open ring is $275, whereas the opal model of the identical ring is simply $198.

Opal Open Ring
Opal Open Ring
Price: $198

Finally, a hoop with out stones will probably be value much less, like this 14k Twist ring priced at $98.

Twist Ring
14K Yellow Gold Twist Ring
Price: $98

We recommend in search of a gemstone of comparable high quality to yours for an concept of its value.

Gemstone Quality Factors

Regardless of what sort of heart stone you could have, its worth will probably be decided by measurements set by a corporation specializing in gemstone evaluation. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is essentially the most prestigious and respected of those organizations. 

We’ll take a second to broaden on this just a little later, however for now, we’ll take a look on the “4 C’s” of gemstone evaluation as set by the GIA:


The best-known issue of a gemstone’s worth is its carat. Carats are a measurement of weight, and one carat = 0.2 grams (or 200 milligrams). A gem will increase in worth with its carat measurement, not solely as a result of a bigger stone is extra dramatic on the finger but additionally as a result of bigger gems are much less ceaselessly present in nature than smaller gems. 

Each class of the 4 C’s has its personal gradient chart to assist jewelers appraise the standard of a gemstone and certify its worth. 


The highest-rated, most respected white diamonds on the colour scale are colorless. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, white diamonds with brownish or yellowish shade gradients are the least useful.

Naturally-colored gems are measured by their very own requirements based mostly on their hue, tone, and saturation of shade. 

In distinction, after we converse concerning the high quality of a diamond’s shade, we’re actually speaking about its lack of shade. (Confusing, proper?) Perfectly clear diamonds are on the prime of the ranking scale (rated D) and far more useful than diamonds with yellowish or brownish hues on the backside (Z-rated). 

This is how the colour scale breaks down:

  1. Colorless = D,E,F
  2. Near Colorless = G,H,I,J
  3. Faint = Ok,L,M
  4. Very Light = N,O,P,Q,R
  5. Light = S,T,U,V,W,X,Y,Z

Even although the variations on the size are too refined to discern with the bare eye, a diamond’s shade grade positively influences its high quality and worth. Check out this 1-carat D-rated, completely colorless diamond.

1.00 Carat Round Diamond D color
1.00 Carat Round Diamond | D Color
Price: $7,960

Now examine it to this identical diamond with an E-rating. Note the colour comparability vs. worth distinction.

1.00 Carat Round Diamond E color
1.00 Carat Round Diamond | E Color
Price: $7,900


Except for opaque stones like opals, gems with the very best readability are extra useful. Gems that show cloudiness or inclusions (flaws contained in the stone) price decrease on the readability scale and are value much less, with closely flawed stones being the least useful. 


A gemstone’s minimize refers to how nicely it’s formed to carry out its internal magnificence and showcase its stability and symmetry. “Fire,” “brilliance,” and “scintillation” are phrases the GIA makes use of to measure the standard of a stone’s minimize.

The form of the gemstone is ceaselessly related to the minimize. For this part, we’ll concentrate on one weight: 1 carat. 

A 1-carat gemstone seems bigger or smaller relying upon the form resulting from its floor space:

Shape Size (mm)
Round 6.5 x 6.5
Princess 5.5 x 5.5
Cushion 6.5 x 5.5
Asscher 5.3 x 5.3
Emerald 6.7 x 5.0
Oval 8.0 x 5.2
Pear 8.0 x 5.2
Marquise 10 x 5
Radiant 6.0 x 5.5
Heart 6.6 x 6.6

The form of the stone additionally impacts the value. A traditional form like spherical will retain its value, whereas stylish cuts, just like the marquise and coronary heart, will fluctuate in worth relying on their present reputation.

The most typical diamond ring shapes embrace: 
  • Classic Round – The costliest diamond form, presumably as a result of it’s the preferred, but additionally as a result of a well-cut spherical diamond exhibits off its radiance like no different! This form actually shines in a easy solitaire setting the place the diamond can take heart stage. 
  • Princess – Princess diamonds are sq. and get their identify from their trademark minimize. A princess-cut diamond is usually simply as sparkly as a spherical diamond however is rather less multi-faceted, so it retains extra uncooked crystal materials. This typically interprets to a extra reasonably priced price ticket. 
  • Emerald – The rectangular-shaped emerald-cut diamond is legendary for its magnificence and flexibility. From art-deco to totally trendy, an emerald-cut diamond matches any setting and is among the many most eye-catching. That mentioned, its minimally-faceted design does have its drawbacks. Most notably, with out the advanced depth of cuts that another shapes characteristic, inclusions are simpler to see in an emerald-cut diamond. For these diamonds, the next readability and shade ranking will give the diamond the next value.
  • Cushion – Soft corners and subtly sloped sides give the cushion (or pillow) diamond its distinctiveness. Cushion diamonds typically favor the multi-faceted facade of a princess minimize. Still, its form is usually described as a cross between a princess and an emerald. Cushion minimize diamonds are often considerably decrease than a spherical diamond. This 1-carat cushion minimize diamond is $2,992 whereas the spherical model of the identical rated diamond is $4,105.
  • Asscher – Clean, crisp geometric edges make the Asscher diamond a shoo-in for extra trendy designs and settings. Like an emerald-cut diamond, it’s step-cut and should show flaws and shade variations extra clearly than different, extra multi-faceted stones. Since a lot of the uncooked stone is retained throughout the slicing course of, asscher diamonds are thought of a extra reasonably priced choice.
  • Oval – The delicate oval minimize is one other versatile, timeless form proper at dwelling with all types of jewellery developments. The form is presently on pattern, so oval diamonds are priced equally to spherical diamonds.
  • Marquise – A sister stone to the oval, the marquise-shaped diamond can also be known as a “navette.” This interprets to “little boat” as a result of its pointed ends make it appear like, nicely, just a little boat. The marquise is one other instance of a statement-making form that makes a one-carat ring look far more outstanding. They are barely inexpensive than spherical diamonds with a 1-carat marquise minimize diamond priced at $4,254 whereas a 1-carat spherical diamond is $4,817.
  • Pear-Shaped – Also often known as “teardrop diamonds,” pear-shaped diamonds haven’t all the time been the preferred, regardless of their classic attraction. As a stylish form, pear-shaped diamonds are value barely lower than a spherical diamond.
  • Radiant – A examine in geometric juxtaposition, the radiant minimize diamond is formed like a princess with beveled corners like an emerald minimize. The elementary distinction comes from spherical/oval-shaped cuts in the midst of the stone, paying homage to a standard spherical diamond. These faceted cuts create a superb shine and conceal inclusions and shade variations, saving you cash on a diamond that’s each bit as spectacular as a spherical diamond. 
  • Heart Shaped – Feminine and exquisite, the heart-shaped diamond is ideal for the romantic at coronary heart. And they’re a incredible candidate to essentially play with setting types! Heart-shaped diamonds are a lot much less widespread than spherical diamonds in order that they don’t maintain their worth in addition to a traditional form.
diamond ring shapes

Diamond Certificates 

A certificates from a gem specialist is crucial to vouch for the worth of your ring in case you ought to select to resell it. GIA certifications are the gold commonplace, however different skilled organizations such because the AGS (American Gemstone Society) and the IGI (International Gemological Institute) additionally present gemstone certifications. 

It’s vital to notice that every group has its measurement requirements, and it’s potential to get twin certification from a couple of if you want. 

Most gems are bought with certification, however you probably have an older ring or don’t have a cert, you’ll be able to ship your stone to the lab for testing and certification. Certification will let you recognize precisely what your diamonds are rated and offer you a clearer concept of how a lot your diamond is value based mostly on present diamond costs.

Type of Metal 

Fine jewellery is often made utilizing the three most typical gold grades (14, 18, and 24 karats), silver or platinum. Unfortunately, since a hoop’s resale value focuses on its heart gem, the steel used to create your ring’s setting isn’t significantly useful. 


Precious metals like 24k gold are brazenly traded, so their worth fluctuates with market developments. This means the steel worth in your ring will even fluctuate relying upon the place and the place you select to promote it. 

Even although gold is available in yellow, rose, and white varieties, shade doesn’t affect its worth. 24k is essentially the most useful when evaluating gold as a result of it’s 100% pure. However, 14k is essentially the most generally used to make rings as a result of it’s a extra sturdy mixture of gold and alloys.

The worth of gold fluctuates day by day, and the present gold worth will affect the price of your ring.


Like gold, silver’s purity ranking is hallmarked within the ring. Also, like gold, purity rankings for silver differ, with 999 (99.9% pure silver) being the very best. Most rings, nevertheless, are constituted of sterling silver, indicated by a 925 stamp. This means the ring is 92.5% or extra pure silver. 

If you want extra clarification concerning the purity of your silver ring, try to select it up with a magnet. If it sticks, it’s solely silver-plated. Another option to decide in case your ring is actual silver is the sniff take a look at. Silver is odorless, so in case your ring has a metallic scent, it’s in all probability not pure silver. 


Platinum is the most costly steel for rings for a number of causes. Firstly resulting from its weight (in valuable metals, worth is usually related to weight) and purity, but additionally as a result of platinum is tarnish and corrosion-resistant. The mixture of its sensible advantages and sweetness places platinum in excessive demand, driving up the price. 

Platinum can also be mentioned to be costlier than gold as a result of it’s rarer. Still, some consultants say its rarity stems from its problem to mine and its location within the Earth’s crust quite than shortage. These components make platinum extra pricey to supply. 

All that however, whereas platinum ring settings are costlier than gold, that’s not essentially as a result of it’s extra useful as a steel. 

Though platinum and gold commerce spots for essentially the most useful within the market, gold’s worth stays steadier, making it a favourite for funding and portfolio diversification. Part of that’s as a result of gold is extra simply mined, but additionally as a result of it’s utilized in industries that rely much less on financial components, contributing to its stability and, subsequently, its worth. 

ring settings

The Setting of a Ring 

The ring’s form additionally contributes to its value and determines the ultimate worth as some settings have extra diamonds which is able to contribute to the general carat weight — and worth — of the ring! The 4 main ring-shape settings you’ll discover are: 

  • The solitaire setting. With flat, v-shaped, rounded, or straight prongs, this setting is often a easy band designed to showcase a single gem. 
  • The halo. This setting is much like the solitaire however encompasses a “halo” of accent gems surrounding a spherical or cushion-shaped heart diamond for optimum bling-age.
  • Cathedral setting. This elegant design options attractive arches (therefore the identify) that sweep upward to assist the focal gem. Sometimes they characteristic framing pave stones; generally, they don’t. Either approach, it’s a beautiful selection. 
  • Three-stone setting. The easy three-stone setting is refined but additionally meaningful- the three stones symbolize your previous, current, and future collectively! Any gem form works with a three-stone ring, and it might characteristic one giant stone with smaller stones flanking either side, or all three diamonds might be the identical measurement. 

Halo and three-stone settings all the time have extra gems, and the price of these stones will affect the worth of your ring.

Where and How Much It Was Bought For

Rings with extra prestigious names, like Tiffany and Cartier, are likely to have extra worth on the secondary market as a result of consumers pays extra for the model. It’ll be value much more if it’s in pristine situation and you continue to have the unique bill-of-sale, certification, and field.

Sometimes a jeweler will think about how a lot you paid on your ring when figuring out its resale worth, nevertheless it’s uncommon. Realistically, you’ll be able to count on a proposal considerably lower than what you spent on it. 

Its Age

A licensed vintage (over 100 years previous) or classic (between 20-100 years) ring typically sells greater than a up to date piece. Still, it may be difficult to validate the ring’s age, so in case you suppose you could have a uncommon classic or vintage ring, you’ll have to name in a specialist. 

Always vet your vintage jewellery appraiser to make sure they’ll be capable to worth your ring appropriately based mostly on the present market. Fine public sale homes like Sotheby’s or Christie’s even have licensed vintage appraisal professionals specializing in jewellery evaluation.

No matter who you select, your professional ought to learn about altering developments in jewellery trend and the way they apply to your ring’s historical past. 

Q: What if I Don’t Have Any Information On My Ring?
If you don’t know the place to begin, you need to use providers like Worthy. They have consultants, know-how, and connections that may help you in getting essentially the most on your jewellery. Their goal third-party graders will let you know every little thing it is advisable learn about your ring.

Other Factors that Affect a Ring’s Worth

Below, you’ll uncover different components that may have an effect on a hoop’s value. Those embrace form, design, uniqueness, and situation. Let’s go over them one after the other. 


If your ring options an intricate or stylish design, you could get a contact extra for it on the secondary market, nevertheless it’s uncommon. While an skilled will take it into consideration, they know that developments come and go, and whereas a hoop’s trend could also be in demand proper now, it’s unlikely to remain that approach. 

For occasion, the ever-present halo setting has not too long ago dropped in reputation, whereas the once-neglected pear and oval-shaped gemstone is seeing a comeback. Does this imply a design or form will ever be “unfashionable?”

Absolutely not. But the most popular “it” ring will promote a lot quicker whereas it’s scorching. (Having a movie star recognizing doesn’t harm, both.) 

unique diamond rings


Occasionally, a jeweler will worth a hoop a bit increased for resale due to its distinctive design or pedigree. 

For occasion, scaffolding and break up shank bands aren’t too strange, nor are classic gem cuts just like the pendeloque or desk minimize. Custom-designed rings are sometimes visually distinctive, as are rings that play with completely different gems in the identical setting. 

If your ring is as gorgeous as it’s distinctive, it’s value spending additional time purchasing for consumers to see the place you’ll be able to resell it for essentially the most cash.  


You’ll want to make sure your ring is spotless when reselling it to a pawn store or consignment retailer. These sorts of consumers need to have the ability to purchase the ring from you and show it instantly for resale.

Any time or cash spent on repairing, buffing out scuffs, or cleansing will doubtless come out of your verify must you select to promote it there.

The identical could also be true in case you’re promoting to your native jeweler, however greater than doubtless, they gained’t take something off the worth for cleansing and light-weight repairs as a result of they typically have the means to take action in-house. 

Calculating the Value

The first step is to get an concept of its value. With all the data above, you may get a basic concept of the price of your ring within the present market. Remember {that a} ring’s retail worth is just not what you’ll be able to resell it for. The resale worth of your ring will probably be about 30-60% of its retail worth.

We’ll give an instance. We have a 14k yellow gold solitaire ring with a 1-carat best minimize spherical diamond. The diamond’s shade is rated G and has a VS1 for readability.

If we seek for comparable diamonds on-line, we are able to see that the common worth for this minimize, shade, readability and carat is $5,700. This is the estimated retail worth of the middle stone. The resale worth can be about 30-60% of that quantity, so roughly $1,710-$3,420.

Let’s say the market worth of gold is $55 per gram (once more, this adjustments day by day). A 14k ring has roughly 5.8 grams of gold; at $55 per gram, the retail worth is $319. The gold will probably be value just a little extra in resale worth than the diamond, round 60-80%, so you’ll be able to count on about $191-$255.

Adding the resale values collectively, you’ll be able to estimate that this ring is value between $1,901-$3,675.

How to Get the Best Price for My Diamond Ring? 

Naturally, the place you go completely issues in terms of getting one of the best worth on your diamond ring. You would possibly suppose you recognize its worth, however you would possibly truly be improper. That’s why it’s important to hunt out opinions from skilled appraisers.

Once you get an concept of how a lot your ring is value, we’ve put collectively an article on every little thing it is advisable know to promote your diamond ring.

What Is Your Ring Worth?

The reply depends on greater than options like its heart stone, steel, age, and model name- it relies upon upon its sentimental worth to you. 

And in case you’re able to promote, it relies upon upon who’s shopping for. Pawn retailers could supply fast money, however they’ll typically offer you little or no on your ring in return. On the opposite finish of the spectrum, promoting to a non-public purchaser is extra more likely to get you a good worth, however discovering one could take some time. For many, the answer is to promote their used ring on-line. 

For now, in case you are contemplating promoting a hoop with any sentimental worth, we encourage you to take a while to consider it. When promoting an object- private and financial worth are solely generally a great combo, particularly if you’re exceedingly unlikely to recoup its unique worth. 

Case-in-point: When a purchaser “lowballs” you on their supply, it’s more likely to really feel like a private insult in case you nonetheless really feel some attachment to the ring. 

But in case you are able to half with it, we hope we’ve given you some ideas that may provide help to in your quest to learn the way a lot your ring is value so you may get one of the best worth potential for it! 

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