Recently, Howie’s behaviour has prompted issues about his psychological well being. On TikTok, he bizarrely posted a disgusting video of a prolapsed anus to his 9.9 million followers – prompting folks to jot down Tweets regarding his psychological state. Although it doesn’t essentially clarify his behaviour, the star has stated prior to now that he has attention-deficit-hyperactivity dysfunction (ADHD), which is linked to performing with out pondering.

Mandel instructed ADDitude in March this yr that his behaviour affected his household relations.

He stated: “My wife and children have been through therapy because of the problems my disorders have caused.”

ADHD, which is extra widespread in boys than ladies, is generally recognized throughout childhood.

According to the NHS, its signs on the hyperactivity facet of issues embody little or no sense of hazard, continually fidgeting and being unable to focus on duties. Meanwhile, on the eye deficit facet, folks with it seem like they will’t perform directions.

They are additionally inclined to alter actions on a regular basis they usually might have issues with organisation.

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“For me, there is no cure. I will always have to manage symptoms and develop coping skills,” defined Mandel.

“I take medication and I do psychotherapy.”

As properly as receiving remedy and drugs, sure behaviours might help folks with ADHD, together with respiration workout routines and listening to music.

The NHS additionally recommends that folks with it “let off steam by exercising regularly”.


On high of his ADHD, the Gremlins voice-over actor has described combating obsessive-compulsive dysfunction (OCD).

OCD is when folks have intrusive ideas which immediate excessive or uncommon behaviours.

Mandel, who reportedly intensely fears germs, shared how he doesn’t shake folks’s palms as a result of he views palms like a “petri dish” – coated in Bacteria, he instructed 20/20. That’s why once you see him on tv he’ll bump fist as a substitute of shaking palms.

His baldness can also be a product of the situation. He shaves his head as a result of it “just feels cleaner”.

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New OCD analysis

The situation has been linked to increased ranges of a protein that’s present in white blood cells known as Immuno-moodulin.

Researchers from Queen Mary University in London discovered that mice with excessive ranges of the substance had heightened ranges of hysteria, and stress and did extra digging and extreme grooming.

They additionally examined for ranges of Immuno-moodulin in folks with and with out OCD. According to the analysis, the degrees of this substance had been roughly six occasions increased in these affected by OCD.

The research was revealed within the journal Brain Behavior and Immunity in 2020.