Have you heard of Moissanite?

If not, you’re most likely conjuring up photos of a plant, a metallic, or perhaps even a planet. Well, it’s none of these issues. Moissanite is definitely a mineral and a uncommon one at that. It seems to be astonishingly much like a diamond.

Moissanite generally is a fabulous various to the normal diamond engagement ring or marriage ceremony band. However, there’s extra to Moissanite than meets the attention within the variations between it and diamonds. We’ll get into all the small print so you can also make an knowledgeable selection. 

Whether you’re not a fan of pure diamond costs or practices, right here’s all the pieces you could learn about its gorgeously related twin, Moissanite! 

What Is Moissanite?

Okay, earlier than we get into what Moissanite is, let’s do a fast refresher on what diamonds are. This manner, you’ll be capable of examine the variations precisely. 

A diamond begins as carbon, deep within the earth. Pressure and warmth, utilized over eons, progressively remodel this unexciting component into one of many strongest and most sensible objects on earth.

Because of their a hundred percent carbon composition, they’re fifty-eight instances tougher than the following strongest mineral on earth (corundum). The Moh’s hardness scale charges the toughness of minerals; on it, a diamond scores 10 out of 10 doable ranges. 

For a long time diamonds have been utilized in jewellery, mostly engagement rings and marriage ceremony units. Before this, they had been wanted for talismans to assist defend wearers in battle and thrust back evil. 

For the needs of this text, we’ll be speaking concerning the conventional diamond. There are completely different coloured diamonds, however the preferred is the long-lasting, colorless form. They’re recognized for his or her icy sparkle, brilliance, and scintillation. 

Moissanite bears a strikingly related look to diamonds and is available in at a 9.5 on the Moh’s scale. It’s additionally a mineral referred to as silicon carbide. However, it isn’t as plentiful in nature as diamonds. In reality, not sufficient may even be sourced to chop a 1-carat stone of Moissanite.

In 1893, Henri Moissan (the namesake of the gem) found them in a crater from a meteorite. But discoveries like this have turn into more and more uncommon, main most Moissanite to be created in a lab.

The man who found Moissanite initially thought they had been diamonds, and looking out on the two stones facet by facet, it’s simple to see why! However, there are a number of variations. 

Differences Between Diamonds and Moissanite 

  • Origin. Diamonds may be mined or created in a lab; most Moissanite is simply lab-created
  • Hardness. Diamonds rating a ten on the Moh’s scale, whereas Moissanite scores 9.5
  • Price. Diamonds are typically dearer than Moissanite
  • Color. Diamonds may be present in quite a lot of colours, whereas Moissanite usually solely has inexperienced or yellow tones
  • Brilliance. Diamonds have a white mild reflection in comparison with Moissanite’s rainbow reflection. This is as a result of Moissanite has the next refractive index, which supplies them extra fireplace and sparkle

How Much Does Moissanite Cost? 

Out of the variations listed above, value is often the starkest dissimilarity. If you had been to match a pure diamond and Moissanite with equal traits, together with high quality and carat weight, the Moissanite can be round one-tenth the worth of the diamond.

For instance, a 1-carat Moissanite might price solely $500-$600 whereas a 1-carat close to colorless diamond might set you again $5000. 

This is why they make implausible options to diamonds: extraordinarily fine-quality mined diamonds in giant carats can price a whole bunch of 1000’s of {dollars}. Moissanite price does improve with stone measurement, very similar to diamonds do.

A 3-carat Moissanite will price nearer to $3000. But when you think about that a median almost colorless three-carat diamond prices over $25,000, you’ll be able to see that irrespective of the scale, Moissanites are at all times cheaper than their diamond counterparts. 

How Is the Cost of a Moissanite Stone Determined?

You’ll discover that we used phrases like “fine quality” and “nearly colorless.” This is as a result of a stone’s traits have a terrific deal to do with its worth, whether or not it’s a diamond or a Moissanite. 

Moissanite is graded on 4 components, referred to as the 4 C’s. Diamonds are rated this manner too. Depending on how advantageous a high quality stone you’ve gotten, the worth can differ by 1000’s of {dollars}. The first of the 4 C’s is shade. 


The most fascinating shade of Moissanties is definitely clear. Like diamonds, the higher the shortage of shade, the higher. Some tones can have hues of yellow or inexperienced, making them much less priceless than different glowing white specimens. Colorless Moissanties (much like diamonds) obtain the next grade. 

There are twenty-three GIA diamond shade grades, starting from D to Z. The grades are grouped collectively into subcategories. Though there are variations between grades in every subcategory, it may be extraordinarily laborious to tell apart between a G and an H, for instance.

An knowledgeable diamond grader can clearly inform the distinction between the well-defined traits of every class. Although, most people will be capable of inform the distinction between a G and a Z. 

Moissanite shade grading is predicated on this scale. Because these stones are lab created and have much less shade variation, their grading scale isn’t as broad. Today, the next grades and subcategories are used to evaluate the colour high quality of a Moissanite. 

  • Colorless (D-E-F vary)
  • Near-colorless (G-H-I vary)
  • Faint hues of shade (J-Okay vary)

Stones within the colorless class, D, E, and F, will price greater than near-colorless of faintly hued gems. A one-carat unfastened Moissanite in shade vary GHI will price rather less than $400, whereas the identical stone in shade grade DEF prices round $600. 

How Is the Cost of a Moissanite Stone Determined?


Like fancy diamonds or different colourful gems, Moissanite is graded on lower and symmetry. The lower and symmetry confer with the sides that should be strategically positioned and lower into the stone.

Facets, or the flat faces you’ll be able to usually see lower right into a gem, assist the stone to take advantage of use of sunshine. The sides can improve a stone’s brilliance, sparkle, and fireplace. 

Based on its mild efficiency, decided by the polish and symmetry of the lower sides, a Moissanite can obtain one of many following grades: 

An supreme gemstone will take advantage of use of sunshine, reflecting and refracting it to create a good looking stone that shines and sparkles with loads of fireplace.

Lack of luster or fireplace isn’t often a priority with Moissanites as a result of they’ve such a excessive dispersion worth. This signifies that they mirror a spectrum of colours and provides off that desired rainbow look within the mild. 

Different cuts can have an effect on the fee—a three-carat spherical in shade grade DEF prices round $2,319. Alternatively, a stone with related traits in an Asscher lower prices round $2,429, a cushion lower is available in a $2,779, and an emerald lower calls for $2,739. 

Carat Weight 

As with almost all the pieces in life, extra of one thing equals the next price ticket. Carat weight refers back to the weight of the Moissanite, which is completely different than its millimeter measurements. 

Two Moissanites weighing the identical variety of carats can look like very completely different sizes. This is as a result of the form of the stone and the lower can have an effect on how huge or small it seems to be.

A Moissanite might carry nearly all of its weight under its girdle or the decrease portion of the stone under the flat floor on the highest. Additionally, a baguette lower might seem slimmer than a spherical, or a cushion would possibly seem bulkier than a trillion. 

This is why it’s important to concentrate to the carat weight, precise measurement, and methodology of comparability, and never solely the millimeter specs. Remember, the upper the carat weight, the bigger the stone, and due to this fact the larger the worth tag.

For instance, a one-carat Moissanite in a spherical lower with wonderful shade and readability will price about $1,400. A two-carat stone of the identical high quality is $1,900, and a three-carat stone is $2,960.  

Cost of a Moissanite Stone


Man-made Moissanites have the benefit of getting wonderful readability. Unlike diamonds fashioned under floor and inclined to inclusions and blemishes, created Moissanties are typically very clear. 

Inclusions and blemishes can seem not solely in rod or tube-like constructions within the stone but in addition lower a gem’s shine, sparkle, and brilliance. However, solely the most important inclusions are typically seen to the bare eye. 

Expert graders will usually have a look at a stone underneath 10x magnification with a view to assign a grade. Moissanite is graded like a gemstone and may be one of many following grades: 

Rarely will Moissanites be graded on the diamond readability scale, which incorporates the under ranges: 

  • FL, IF: Flawless and internally flawless
  • VVS1, VVS2: Very, very barely included
  • VS1, VS2: Very barely included
  • SI1, SI2: Slightly included
  • I1, I2, I3: Included

Green-hued Moissanites usually have small needle-like inclusions, extra so than different Moissanites. Nevertheless, these stones are sometimes eye-clean, which means they aren’t seen with out high-powered magnification and don’t typically have an effect on the look of the gem. 

As we get higher at synthetically creating Moissanties, the yellow or inexperienced hues and the small inclusions turn into much less involved. Usually, you could find high-quality Moissanites which are colorless and clear.

These attractive stones will price a lot lower than diamonds, even when they’re bigger than the pure diamond you’re evaluating them to! 

Where to Purchase a Moissanite Ring

There are numerous locations you should buy a Moissanite ring. In most circumstances, on-line, you’ll have a a lot wider number of Moissanite, each unfastened stones and jewellery. Finding Moissanite in numerous shapes, cuts, and carats in bodily shops may be tough. 

Quality on-line retailers could have wonderful reputations, critiques, and return insurance policies. Make positive you completely vet any vendor, whether or not it’s on-line or in particular person. Before you commit to creating a purchase order, fastidiously overview the specs and pictures, guaranteeing that it’s the excellent Moissanite for you! 

One of the most important producers of advantageous high quality Moissanite is Charles and Colvard (C&C). 

Types of Moissanite and Their Prices

When shopping Moissanites, chances are you’ll encounter a number of differing kinds that can often have various costs particularly if you happen to’re viewing Charles and Colvard Moissanites. They break down their choices into the next classes. 

Types of Moissanite and Their Prices
  • Forever Classic. These pretty Moissanites are the least costly. In phrases of shade, they’re within the faint class, often scoring round a “K.” As they’re not really colorless, you might be able to detect a slight quantity of shade. However, the setting you select could make it much less noticeable. You can discover an infinite number of measurement, lower, and form within the Forever Classic designation. 
  • Forever Brilliant. Forever sensible is the following step up, the “middle” choice. It falls within the near-colorless vary, coming in at an “H.” They’re usually desired for his or her white but pure look. This is about as shut as you’ll get if you happen to’re in search of a real diamond various. However, consider there are sometimes fewer form, lower, and measurement choices within the Forever Brilliant class. 
  • Forever One. The most costly and prime tier is Forever One. Their D-E score means their thought of colorless. In most circumstances, a Forever One Moissanite will look strikingly white. Their uncommon and really priceless, often produced with a restricted variety of carat weights and shapes. A Forever One 1.00CT Moissanite within the shade vary of DEF typically prices round $600, whereas a barely bigger Forever One 3.01CT in the identical shade vary has a price ticket of $2,500. However, you could find unfastened Moissanite weighing as a lot as 12.5CT for round $11,700. 

Which Moissanite you favor relies on your style, type, and finances! There is not any proper or fallacious selection; it’s utterly as much as private choice. 

Does Moissanite Lose Its Sparkle?

We’ve talked quite a bit about how sensible and sparkly Moissanites are. They’re fairly sturdy too. But many nonetheless surprise, will my Moissanite lose its sparkle? 

The excellent news is, no! At least, not completely. The solely factor that might trigger your stone to turn into boring is filth and dirt. Thankfully, this stuff qualities are reversible with cleansing. 

Moissanite received’t lose its sparkle, change colours, or diminish in brilliance over time. 

Is Moissanite Worth Buying?

The reply to this query really relies on what you’re in search of. It’s sturdy, lovely, and a implausible look-alike to diamonds. Because it’s man-made, its availability is nice, and there are many customization choices. 

However, this additionally means it isn’t as innately uncommon as pure diamonds. To some, this will make the stone much less priceless. If you’re in search of an funding gem that you would be able to go down generations, a Moissanite is probably not your best option. 

Alternatively, suppose you need one thing reasonably priced that appears simply as dazzling as a diamond and might face up to on a regular basis put on. In that case, a Moissanite is one thing you positively received’t need to go up. 

Maybe It’s Born With It, Maybe it’s Moissanite!

Is it a pure diamond born from the earth, or is it Moissanite? You’ll by no means have to inform, and most of the people received’t know the distinction!

We love this diamond various for its budget-friendly value and exquisite look. However, simply as when shopping for diamonds and different gem stones, remember to fastidiously think about the 4 C’s earlier than committing to your excellent Moissanite.