A lady says that she was so horrified that her lip fillers left them “looking like hot dogs,” she refused to plan her marriage ceremony till they have been dissolved.

Emma Griffin, 40, visited an aesthetics practitioner she’d by no means frequented earlier than — somebody who reportedly claimed to be medically skilled — to high off her lip filler in February 2019 however was left unable to go away the home with out sporting a face masks, allegedly as a result of botched job.

However, she mentioned the practitioner “massively overfilled” them and made her seems to be appear like “massive hotdog lips,” she instructed Kennedy News & Media, including that she was so embarrassed by her look she wore a face masks for a yr whereas desperately looking for somebody to dissolve them.

“We were in lockdown at that point anyway, I was quite lucky because we had to wear face coverings then so I kind of hid behind a face mask for a year,” mentioned Griffin, who’s from Nottinghamshire within the UK.

The bride-to-be was horrified when the swelling in her lips didn’t go down.Kennedy News and MediaWhen her now husband, Owen, proposed she didn't want to plan the wedding until she had fixed her lips.When her now-husband Owen proposed, she didn’t wish to plan the marriage till she had mounted her lips.Kennedy News and Media

The bride-to-be mentioned the swelling from the fillers by no means went down — despite the fact that the practitioner mentioned it might.

“She’d actually injected into my water line and filler loves water, so it just keeps feeding and feeding,” defined Griffin, herself a salon proprietor who has since skilled as a aesthetics practitioner. “I ended up with a lump just a bit bigger than a grain of rice underneath my lips — it looked like I’d had a stroke on one side.”

Griffin described her smile as a “snarl” after the botched job.

“You couldn’t see my tooth on one side because there was just this lump there,” she mentioned. “Everything aesthetically about them was so wrong; it had a massive effect on my confidence and my life.”

The pair tied the knot in July, 2022 after 18-months of being engaged.The pair lastly tied the knot in July 2022 after 18 months of being engaged.Kennedy News / Rosie Hardy

Griffin mentioned that when her now-husband Owen Griffin proposed in December 2020, her swollen and plump lips have been instantly on her thoughts.

“My husband asked me to marry him and the first thing I said was, ‘I can’t have any photos with my lips looking like this,’” she recalled. “Because I was that disgusted and mortified that I looked like that.”

Griffin was lastly capable of finding somebody keen to attempt to dissolve the lip filler in March 2022, claiming it took 3 milliliters of a dissolving agent to completely break down her “overfilled” lips over the course of 36 hours.

With her lips not swollen, Griffin was assured sufficient to plan her marriage ceremony, marrying in July 2022, 18 months after getting engaged.

However, the newlywed says she now has to get her filler topped off yearly to present her lips “structure” as a result of, she claims, the earlier filler overstretched her lips. In addition, she says she must get her lips tattooed yearly as a result of she misplaced pigment, creating white patches.

Griffin met a fellow aesthetics practitioner at an advanced training course who dissolved her lips in February and refilled and reshaped them.Griffin met a fellow aesthetics practitioner at a sophisticated coaching course who dissolved her lips in February and refilled and reshaped them.Kennedy News and Media

“You can lose a little bit of pigment with lip filler because the skin is stretching but when they’re massively overfilled like that it’s a direct result of the skin being stretched far too much,” she defined.

She additionally urges folks to make use of aesthetics to “enhance” — fairly than drastically “modify” — their options to keep away from inflicting injury to their pores and skin.

“I’m an aesthetic practitioner myself and if this can happen to me, just be very careful who you pick when you’re getting stuff stuck in your face,” she warned, telling folks to do their homework earlier than going someplace.

“You don’t need to have loads of it done — it’s better to build these things up,” she continued. “It should always be within the ‘golden quarter,’ so it should be an enhancement, not a modification, which is what ended up happening to me.”