According to analysis, consuming meals wealthy in potassium resembling salmon, avocados, and bananas can assist cut back salt’s unfavorable results on the eating regimen. The research revealed that diets wealthy in potassium have been linked to diminished blood stress, particularly in girls having a excessive consumption of salt.

It’s generally recognized that top salt consumption is linked to hypertension and an elevated danger of strokes and coronary heart assaults. The focus of well being recommendation has been on limiting salt consumption however that is difficult when processed meals are included within the eating regimen. Potassium assists the physique in excreting extra sodium within the urine. Dietary potassium was related to the best well being advantages for girls within the research.

The research individuals included 24,963 people with a mean age of 58 for girls and 59 for males. A way of life behavior questionnaire was accomplished by the individuals, urine samples have been taken and blood pressures have been measured. Urinary potassium and sodium have been used for estimating dietary consumption. The people have been divided into teams based mostly on sodium consumption (low/medium/excessive) and potassium consumption (low/medium/excessive).

The hyperlink between potassium consumption and blood stress was analyzed after intercourse, age, and sodium consumption have been adjusted for. Potassium consumption was linked to blood stress in girls, blood stress decreased as consumption elevated.

When the affiliation was analyzed based mostly on sodium consumption (low/medium/excessive), the affiliation between potassium and blood stress was solely seen in girls with excessive sodium consumption, the place each one gram improve in potassium consumption day-after-day was linked to a 2.4 mmHg diminished systolic blood stress. No hyperlink between potassium and blood stress was seen in males.

During a follow-up of 19.5 years on common, 13,596 people died or have been hospitalized on account of heart problems. The connection between potassium consumption and cardiovascular occasions was analyzed after adjusting for age, intercourse, diabetes, alcohol consumption, sodium consumption, BMI, smoking, lipid-lowering drug utilization, and prior stroke or coronary heart assault. Overall, people within the highest group of potassium consumption had a 13% diminished danger of cardiovascular occasions compared to people within the lowest group.

When men and women have been analyzed individually, the chance reductions have been 11% for girls and seven% for males. The connection between potassium and cardiovascular occasions in girls or males was not influenced by the quantity of salt within the eating regimen.

The outcomes of the research point out that potassium helps in preserving the well being of the center, however girls profit greater than males. The connection between potassium and cardiovascular occasions was the identical no matter salt consumption, indicating that potassium protects the center in different methods aside from rising sodium excretion.

The WHO recommends that people eat a minimal of3.5 grams of potassium and fewer than 2 grams of sodium every day. Foods excessive in potassium embrace fish, dairy merchandise, beans, nuts, fruit, and greens. For occasion, 1 cup of milk accommodates 375 mg of potassium, a 136-gram potato accommodates 500 mg of potassium, 154 grams of cooked salmon accommodates 780 mg of potassium, and a 115-gram banana accommodates 375 mg of potassium.

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