Watch Polish powerlifter Agata Sitko compete at any sanctioned contest, and it’s straightforward to overlook she’s solely 19 years previous. The powerlifting group acquired a latest emphatic reminder of this reality.

On July 8, 2022, in the course of the 2022 World Games, Sitko (76KG) broke three geared up International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Records with a 195-kilogram (429.9-pound) bench press, a 261-kilogram (575.4-pound) deadlift, and a 726-kilogram (1,600.6-pound) whole. By the time the competitors completed, Sitko’s general energy and conditioning helped her take dwelling the gold medal within the 76-kilogram division. The powerlifting portion of the competition occurred in Birmingham, Alabama, from July 7-10, 2022.

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Notably, along with her three geared up Open World Records, Sitko achieved a private competitors greatest in every raise. Here’s an entire overview of her efficiency on this competitors:

Agata Sitko (76KG) | 2022 World Games Top Stats

  • Squat — 270 kilograms (595.2 kilos) | Personal Competition Best
  • Bench Press — 195 kilograms (429.9 kilos) | Equipped World Record | Personal Competition Best
  • Deadlift — 261 kilograms (575.4 kilos) | Equipped World Record | Personal Competition Best
  • Total — 726 kilograms ((1,600.6 kilos) | Equipped World Record | Personal Competition Best

To add additional context to Sitko’s dominant efficiency, she prolonged the three successive new World Records by a substantial quantity.

According to the IPF database, Sitko’s new geared up bench press World Record surpasses Tetyana Melnyk’s earlier mark by six kilograms (13.2 kilos). Sitko’s new geared up deadlift World Record exceeds her personal mark by 10.5 kilograms (23.1 kilos). Finally, to place a cherry on high, Sitko’s whole was 21.5 kilograms (47.4 kilos) greater than her previous geared up World Record of 704.5 kilograms (1,553.1 kilos).

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The 2022 World Games had been scored on a pound-for-pound foundation. That means Sitko not solely attained the very best bench press, deadlift, and whole for the 76-kilogram opponents — she additionally had the very best rating relative to her precise aggressive physique weight of 76 kilograms (167.5 kilos).

Here are the very best stats and the ultimate level totals for the rostrum finishers within the 76-kilogram weight class, per The World Games web site:

Women’s 76KG | 2022 World Games Podium Results

1. Agata Sitko (Poland) — 119.12 whole factors | Body weight — 76 kilograms (167.5 kilos)

  • Squat — 270 kilograms (595.2 kilos)
  • Bench Press — 195 kilograms (429.9 kilos) | Equipped World Record 
  • Deadlift — 261 kilograms (575.4 kilos) | Equipped World Record 
  • Total — 726 kilograms ((1,600.6 kilos) | Equipped World Record

2. Kelsey McCarthy (U.S. Virgin Islands) — 109.44 whole factors | Body weight — 66.6 kilograms (146.8 kilos)

  • Squat — 242.5 kilograms (534.6 kilos)
  • Bench Press — 170 kilograms (374.8 kilos)
  • Deadlift — 212.5 kilograms (468.5 kilos)
  • Total — 625 kilograms (1,377.9 kilos)

3. Francesca Parrello (Italy) — 106.25 whole factors | Body weight — 75.4 kilograms (166.2 kilos)

  • Squat — 257.5 kilograms (567.7 kilos)
  • Bench Press — 140 kilograms (308.6 kilos)
  • Deadlift — 247.5 kilograms (545.6 kilos)
  • Total — 645 kilograms (1,422 kilos)

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At the time of this writing, Sitko hasn’t confirmed when she’s going to subsequent characteristic in an official competitors. The 2022 European Open, Sub-Junior, Junior & Masters Classic & Equipped Bench Press Championships may very well be a possible possibility. Those will happen in Budapest, Hungary, on August 2-7, 2022.

For now, it stands to cause the Polish athlete has earned time to bask within the glow of all her newest achievements.

Featured picture: @theipf on Instagram