During a BBC Radio 5 Live interview, May was discussing his bandmate Freddie Mercury’s premature dying on account of aids, earlier than turning the dialog to his personal well being. Having examined constructive for Covid simply earlier than Christmas May warned his thousands and thousands of followers through social media to “take extra care” of the “incredibly transmissible” virus. Despite having gotten over the principle signs of the virus, May has been affected by what he calls each day “brown-outs”, which trigger him to all of the sudden go to sleep.

He shared: “I have a strange persisting condition – I think it’s from the Covid – I get these kind of ‘brown outs’.

“Generally I’m OK I’m not tired all the time, but I’ll get to a certain point in the day where something inside my head goes, ‘You have to sleep now. You don’t care about any of this, go to sleep – who cares’.

“It’s an almost irresistible call and I just go out like a light. It’s really weird.”

“I just hope it doesn’t happen in the middle of a gig, because it’s going to be very embarrassing – ‘Just hang on for half an hour while I have a nap, guys – then we’ll do We Are The Champions’,” he said.

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Remaining relatively upbeat about the whole thing, May questioned whether the whole ordeal had changed him.

Although referring to it as a “brown-out” what May appears to be describing is long-lasting fatigue that has occurred on account of Covid, and he isn’t the one one to expertise this.

In truth, the NHS notes that people are more likely to expertise fatigue when they’re nonetheless testing constructive for the virus, making it troublesome for them to do sure issues they might earlier than.

They may use extra power for the next:

  • Concentration
  • Attention
  • Problem fixing
  • Talking
  • Making selections.


The Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) name fatigue that persists after an infection post-viral fatigue. It explains that fatigue could make people really feel drained all the time, nevertheless it doesn’t simply have an effect on you bodily but in addition mentally and in the way in which a person behaves.

There are many the explanation why people might really feel drained after Covid comparable to:

  • Your physique remains to be getting higher even if you not have the virus
  • You might need different sicknesses or well being situations meaning it takes you longer to get higher
  • If you could have been very ailing with Covid – your physique can take a very long time to get higher

When recovering from Covid there are additionally sure issues that may contribute to worsening fatigue comparable to taking care of kids or different family members, feeling pressured, consuming a poor eating regimen, not sleeping properly and never exercising.

In order to handle this fatigue and steadily overcome it, the RCOT recommends the next:

  • Try actions
  • Rest
  • Daily routine
  • Thinking actions
  • Slowly enhance exercise ranges
  • Work
  • Have enjoyable.

Finding a stability between doing actions and ensuring you’re getting sufficient relaxation is a good way to make sure that you or somebody you recognize isn’t fatigued, with or with out Covid.

The NHS echoes this recommendation, stating {that a} each day routine “helps your body to stabilise itself. Slowly resume your routine for sleeping, eating and daily activities. If this isn’t possible, create a realistic one to follow for now and gradually adjust back to your normal routine. Remember, don’t rush.”

Thinking actions can vary from sending or writing an electronic mail to planning a meals store and making selections. Trying to finish a process inside a set time with common relaxation in between is one of the simplest ways to assist enhance power ranges.

One factor to keep in mind that the NHS stresses is that individuals typically enhance exercise ranges too rapidly, which might set them again. The RCOT provides that occupational therapists working with individuals with long-term fatigue could solely enhance exercise ranges each couple of weeks.

Often individuals solely prioritise issues that appear essential as they return to each day life, however because the RCOT recommends, it’s nonetheless necessary to have a stability. By permitting others to assist with day-to-day duties a person can save power for the actions they most take pleasure in.

After adopting the above tips right into a routine, people ought to hopefully begin to enhance, with their fatigue lowering and power ranges growing.

However, for individuals who don’t appear to be bettering, the RCOT recommends in search of medical recommendation by chatting with your GP. Developing what is named a “relapse plan” may work.

The NHS explains that if people develop a relapse plan early whereas they’re feeling properly, it would assist them bear in mind what to do and easy methods to assume in order that they will get well faster. During a relapse, all actions may be exhausting, however by having a plan prepared, it’s one much less factor to fret about.

Trying various actions from regular hobbies may also assist people to chill out extra however nonetheless be capable to do one thing they take pleasure in. Less strenuous examples of actions to strive embody:

  • Gentle yoga or tai chi
  • Arts and crafts comparable to portray or knitting
  • Listening to calming music.