Perhaps you’ve seen a lifter urgent, twisting, or rowing a barbell by rotating it on finish. Appropriately named, these landmine workout routines produce lethally efficient exercises. Landmine coaching is carried out in settings from Division 1 faculty weight rooms to bodybuilding gyms to damage rehab clinics.

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The barbell is used for lever-based resistance — one finish pivots on the ground or in a purpose-built sleeve because the lifter strikes the loaded finish via house. Make no mistake, this isn’t flashy “training for the ‘Gram” or some gross misuse of apparatus.

The landmine gives alternatives for workout routines with traits distinct from conventional free-weight coaching. The better part? Landmines supply versatility to coach the whole physique together with a number of parts of health. Here, you’ll discover the perfect landmine exercises for constructing severe higher and lower-body muscle, together with elite-level conditioning. 

Best Landmine Workouts

Benefits of Landmine Training

Landmine coaching (actually) leverages a easy piece of apparatus for a variety of workout routines. Traditional barbell coaching is already versatile, so why use your barbell as a landmine?

Landmines present a extra predictable bar path than a barbell shifting freely via house. In motor studying — the scientific subject that research motion and talent acquisition — this predictable bar path represents a “constraint.” That is, the landmine is constrained to maneuver alongside an arced path.

This constraint helps a lifter to grasp the type of technical multi-joint lifts, such because the presses, rows, and cleans used within the exercises beneath. It additionally promotes extra constant motion efficiency. Constant actions, when carried out beneath load, stimulate the goal muscular tissues exceptionally successfully. The result’s a fast-learning curve and predictable good points in power and measurement.

The arced bar path additionally alters train kind in comparison with barbell coaching. Landmine presses maintain the shoulder out of end-range flexion, an space of frequent restriction. Landmine rows encourage splendid shoulder blade motion “down and back.” Landmine squats just about guarantee we sit again into our hips with an upright trunk place, which calls for textbook kind.

Landmine workout routines additionally seem to emphasize our joints in another way than conventional free weight lifts. (1) Altogether, the landmine could also be useful when you’ve got banged up knees or shoulders. Set your landmine and prepare for a special angle on barbell coaching. 

Best Landmine Workout for Upper Body Muscle

The higher physique landmine exercise beneath is sort of a multi-course meal — a feast to your muscular tissues. The meat and potatoes are compound workout routines adopted by isolation actions. 

Compound workout routines, or these involving a number of joints, are environment friendly as a result of they practice many muscle teams concurrently. They’re additionally very efficient for constructing power as a result of they assist you to transfer heavier hundreds than workout routines coaching a single joint in isolation.

Upper physique compound workout routines are broadly categorized as both “pushes” or “pulls.” Pushing workout routines contain driving a resistance away from the physique and coaching the chest, shoulders, and triceps. Pulling workout routines contain drawing a resistance towards the physique. These workout routines practice the again and biceps.

The compound workout routines on this exercise are structured as a collection of push/pull supersets for effectivity. The remaining two actions are isolation workout routines like a satisfying dessert after the primary course. They practice the glamour muscular tissues that stretch our sleeves and broaden our body.

Upper Body Training, One Arm at a Time

Due to the lever-based resistance of the landmine, your typical free weight hundreds and percentages is not going to be applicable. It can be finest to find out applicable working weights that lead to “hard” units throughout the advisable repetition vary.

To decide working weight for every train, carry out two or extra progressively heavier “work up” units. Once you land on a weight that challenges you throughout the set rep vary, persist with that load to your working units. 

Half-Kneeling Landmine Press

  • How to Do it: Assume a “half-kneeling” place with the working-side knee down. Hold the bar above your shoulder, brace your torso, and drive the bar up and ahead alongside the pure arc of the landmine. Lower to the beginning place.
  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 6-10 per arm.
  • Rest time: No relaxation earlier than shifting to the following train.

Meadows Row

  • How to Do it: Stand perpendicular to the landmine. Hold the bar sleeve with an overhand grip and brace your non-working arm in your thigh. Lift the bar by driving your elbow out as you squeeze your shoulder blade towards your backbone. Lower to full extension till you’re feeling an intense stretch behind your shoulder. Be positive to load the bar with small diameter plates (5, 10, or 25-pound) to permit an prolonged vary of movement.

  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 8-12 per arm.
  • Rest time: Rest two to a few minutes earlier than repeating the earlier train.

Standing Landmine Press

  • How to Do it: Face the landmine with a staggered stance, protecting your working aspect leg behind you. Press the bar ahead and up till your elbow reaches full extension. Lower with management.
  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 8-12 per arm.
  • Rest time: No relaxation earlier than shifting to the following train.

Landmine Row

  • How to Do it: Stand parallel to the barbell. Hinge ahead on the hips and grip the barbell simply earlier than the sleeve. Pull your shoulder and arm again to row the burden towards the surface of your hip. Lower with management.

  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 8-12 per arm.
  • Rest time: Rest two to a few minutes earlier than repeating the earlier train.

Landmine Lateral Raise

  • How to Do it: Stand with the tip of the barbell simply in entrance of your working aspect hip, quarter turned towards the landmine. Lift by pushing the bar ahead and out till your wrist is increased than shoulder. Lower with management.
  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 12-16 per arm
  • Rest time: No relaxation earlier than shifting to the following train.

Landmine Concentration Curl

  • How to Do it: Drop right into a wide-stance quarter squat and brace your higher arm in opposition to your interior thigh. Grab the tip of the bar sleeve. Without shifting your higher arm, curl the landmine barbell. Notice how the bar path forces you to maintain your palm turned up and out as you curl. This enhances biceps stimulus. (2)(3) Lower with management. 

  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 8-12 per arm.
  • Rest time:Rest 90 seconds to 2 minutes earlier than repeating the earlier train.

Best Landmine Workout for Lower Body Muscle

Wheels, decrease extremities, jets, getaway sticks — no matter you name them, most individuals need robust, muscular legs.

Like the higher physique, the fundamental compound actions of the decrease physique might be categorized as push and pull or, extra generally, squats and deadlifts, respectively. Squats and squat-derivatives practice the glutes, quadriceps, and calf muscular tissues. Deadlifts and deadlift-derivatives practice the hamstrings and likewise hit the glutes.

Leg-Building Landmine Workout

This exercise combines heavy, double-legged workout routines with single-leg lifts to advertise athleticism, and it finishes with a loaded mobility train for the commonly-neglected interior thigh muscular tissues.

The landmine gives a small quantity of stability help, which can permit single-leg variations of squats and deadlifts to be loaded heavier than free-weight single-leg variations.

To guarantee satisfactory restoration, the decrease physique landmine workout routines are structured as straight units. Take two to three-minute rests to make sure depth is maintained for optimum power good points. (4)

Landmine Squat

  • How to Do it: Cradle the tip of the barbell atop your sternum along with your arms pulled in towards your ribs. To account for the arced path of the bar, place your toes farther from the plates in order that your physique is inclined ahead within the prime place. Squat down so far as your mobility permits, and return to standing. 

  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 6-10
  • Rest time: Rest two to a few minutes between units.

Modified Single-Leg Landmine Romanian Deadlift

  • How to Do it: Unlike the usual single-leg landmine Romanian deadlift, which is carried out dealing with the landmine, (5) the modified model gives extra stability, which helps you to elevate extra weight. Stand perpendicular to the landmine. Hold the sleeve palm-down along with your inside hand. Hinge ahead at your hips and permit your inside leg to journey behind you, whereas that foot rises into the air. Keep a slight bend in your standing knee and descend till you’re feeling a powerful sense of pressure in your hamstring. Return to standing and repeat.

  • Sets and Reps: 3 x 6-10 per leg.
  • Rest time: Rest 2 to three minutes between units.

Landmine Hack Squat

  • How to Do it: Ensure you landmine base is safe and won’t slide. Face away from the landmine and relaxation the sleeve in your higher trapezius, simply inside the purpose of the shoulder. Position your toes effectively in entrance of your physique. Keep your toes flat as you descend right into a deep squat, reaching your hamstrings to your calves if doable. Drive up and again to the beginning place. On your subsequent set, rack the landmine in your reverse shoulder.

  • Sets and Reps: 2 x 12-16
  • Rest time: Rest two to a few minutes between units.

Landmine Cossack Squat

  • How to Do it: Face the landmine with a large stance and maintain the landmine in entrance of your sternum. Sit down and again, sinking into your proper hip whereas permitting your left foot to pivot onto the heel. Push via your proper leg to return to heart. Perform all repetitions to the proper, then repeat to the left.

  • Sets and Reps: 2 x 8-10 per aspect.
  • Rest time: Rest two to a few minutes between units.

Landmine Workout for Conditioning

Barbell complexes are generally used for metabolic conditioning. Complexes are sequences of lifts carried out in steady succession. The lifter finishes all reps of 1 elevate earlier than shifting on to the following, utilizing the identical piece of apparatus and the identical weight for all actions.

Complexes might be designed to tax each power system — the phosphagen system gives fast bursts of energy. The glycolytic system turns into outstanding because the advanced drags on for greater than the primary few reps. Finally, in the event you string a number of complexes collectively in a trend popularized by many infamous CrossFit exercises, the cardio system helps you get well.

Every Two-Minute On the Two-Minute Landmine Complex

The landmine is an excellent instrument for complexes. The exercise beneath makes use of repeated landmine complexes to advertise metabolic conditioning. For simplicity, a time-based relaxation technique gives most athletes an approximate 1:1 work to relaxation ratio. Every two minutes, you’ll begin a brand new advanced and full it as shortly as you may.

  • How to Do it: Place a reasonable quantity of weight on the landmine. First carry out the Landmine Hang Clean & Jerk — Stand perpendicular to the bar and maintain the sleeve within the grasp place (palm down along with your hand close to your hip). Extend your hips, knees, and ankles as you shrug and pull the bar alongside its pure arc. As the bar is in movement, pivot to face the landmine and obtain the bar along with your different hand. Perform a break up jerk by dropping down and instantly driving again up along with your legs as you prolong your elbow and swap your footing. Control the bar again to the grasp place with each fingers.The subsequent motion is the basic standing Landmine Rotation — Hold the bar with each arms outstretched above you. Lower the bar to the left, permitting your hips to rotate and your toes to pivot. Rotate the landmine again up and throughout to the proper, once more permitting your toes and hips to maneuver easily.The third and remaining train on this advanced is a Landmine Push Press — This train begins just like a shallow landmine squat with a ballistic concentric (“up”) section. Transfer the power out of your leg drive into each arms as you press the bar up and ahead. Repeat the method for for every repetition.

  • Sets and Reps: One “set” of the advanced consists of three reps of every motion — 3 per aspect landmine grasp clear & jerk, 3 rotations in every course, and three push presses. Perform one set each two minutes for a complete of 12 to 16 minutes.
  • Rest time: Perform one full set and relaxation the rest of the 2 minute block. This relaxation technique is a variation on the rather more in style EMOM (Every Minute on the Minute), however “E2MO2M” doesn’t have the identical ring.

How to Warm-Up for Landmine Workouts

Before you detonate these exercises, carry out a high-quality warm-up to make sure your physique is primed for efficiency. Options for efficient warm-ups are innumerable, however for individuals who can’t spare the bandwidth to conjure one up, right here’s a easy plan.

Start with 5 – 6 minutes of low depth cardio train (bounce rope, bike, or cardio methodology of alternative), then seize a light-weight resistance band and transfer via the next sequence:

Landmine Workout Warm-Up

  • Deep Squat with Trunk Rotations: Drop down right into a deep squat. Keep your chest up and attain towards the bottom with each arms between your legs. Use one arm to “pry” your same-side thigh outward as you attain up with the opposite arm. As you attain, maintain your eyes in your overhead palm by rotating and lengthening your trunk. Repeat with the opposite hand. Perform 8 rotations in every course, alternating sides every repetition.

  • Backstep Lunge to Hip Flexor Stretch: Take a big step backwards and decrease your knee to the bottom. Squeeze your rear-leg glute muscular tissues to really feel a stretch within the entrance of the hip or thigh. If you might be unable to realize a stretch, try and tuck your pelvis beneath your physique by bringing your belt buckle towards your chin. Hold the place momentarily. Return to standing and repeat with the other leg. Perform 8 reps per leg.
  • Plank to Pike: Assume a tall plank or “top of the push-up position” supporting your physique in your palms and forefeet. Move right into a pike place by pushing ahead along with your fingers and driving your hips again and up, Keep your backbone, arms, and legs straight. Return to the plank place. Perform 8 reps. 
  • Dynamic Hug: Wrap a light-weight resistance band round your again slightly below your shoulder blades. Stand with arms outreached straight forward at shoulder-height. Reach ahead in a “hugging” movement. Imagine you might be wrapping your arms round a big tree to maximise the house between your arms as you attain your fingers collectively. Reverse the motion, permitting your shoulder blades to maneuver towards your backbone as you open your arms. Perform 8 repetitions.
  • Band Pull-Apart: Hold the resistance band straight forward along with your arms in entrance of your shoulders. Stretch the band by pulling your arms aside with out bending your elbows. Initiate the motion by squeezing your shoulder blades towards your backbone. When your fingers are sideways in-line along with your shoulders, return to the beginning place. Perform 8 repetitions. 

An Angled Approach to New Gains

The landmine is a enjoyable and versatile instrument for coaching all main muscle teams. Landmine lifts promote a balanced physique whereas hammering the core, and may very well lead to superior good points in on-field or on-court athleticism. (6) Bookmark these landmine exercises and blast your subsequent high-quality coaching session.


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Featured Image: Merrick Lincoln, DPT, CSCS / YouTube