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As we go about our days, shifting by means of our routines and planning, the Earth is in fixed movement. Forever spinning round and across the Sun. Getting lighter and darker each 24 hours. And, over the course of a whole yr, shifting by means of 4 key phases: spring equinox, summer time solstice, fall equinox, and winter solstice.

These phases have been acknowledged and celebrated for millennia. Ancient civilizations revered the start of every of those astrological phases and understood their alignment with the rhythms of the Earth. These occasions are understood to be the rationale behind the development of Stonehenge, Machu Picchu, the Sphinx, and Giza pyramids, every inbuilt a fashion that marks these turning  factors.

What does the summer time solstice imply?

June 21st marks the summer time solstice for the northern hemisphere and the winter solstice for the southern hemisphere. The phrase “solstice” comes from the Latin phrases sol (“Sun”) and sistere (“to stand still”). For a number of days earlier than and after the summer time solstice, the Sun actually seems to face nonetheless within the sky.

At this sacred time, the Earth’s axis reaches its most tilt towards the Sun, which has reached its highest level in our sky. It is right here that we meet our longest and most sun-filled day of the yr within the northern hemisphere and our shortest and darkest day of the yr for these within the southern hemisphere.

The summer time solstice ushers us into the second part of the Earth’s journey across the Sun, persevering with the brand new starting of the equinox in March. This day marks a turning level for the Earth. She has been constructing in a single course and has reached her peak. It is now it’s a matter of shifting into her subsequent chapter, her subsequent stage, her subsequent part of being.

This shifting of our environment is an invite to lean into the shift that’s occurring inside every of us, too. It is thru honoring the fixed movement of the Earth and all of nature that we will honor our personal cycles of change, development, growth, shedding, releasing, shifting, and extra. Giving ourselves permission to alter, simply because the Earth does. Giving ourselves permission to let go once we know it’s time, and to start once more once we are impressed to take action. 

How astrology pertains to nature

The intelligence of nature is astounding. As the Earth meets the following part of her journey across the Sun, we people enter the following season of our astrological yr. In the northern hemisphere, Aries initiates us into spring underneath the spring equinox, Cancer begins summer time underneath the summer time solstice, Libra initiates fall as we meet the autumnal equinox, and Capricorn leads us into winter as we attain the winter solstice. For the Southern Hemisphere, we swap instructions with Aries start autumn, Cancer initiates winter, and so forth.

Any zodiac signal that begins when the Earth shifts into a brand new part represents initiation and new starting. Cancer season, particularly, speaks to initiation and starting by means of emotion, inviting us to nourish our interior worlds. This second of standing nonetheless invitations us inward to additionally change into nonetheless and totally current with the place and who we’re, with what the second is asking of us, and to reintroduce ourselves to who we now have change into. Ask your self, how have I modified for the reason that March equinox, and the place am I  able to go subsequent?

We can solely meet our subsequent chapter once we are totally current in our present, and we will solely stroll ahead when we now have each our toes totally grounded on the floor beneath us. 

The begin of Cancer season

Cancer season takes us out of our minds and deeper into our our bodies. It is a time of heat, compassion, emotion, self-nurturing, and nourishment. It asks us to faucet into our personal healer, our own residence, and our personal consolation and supply of security. Knowing that once we permit ourselves the nourishment that our minds, our bodies, and souls have been craving, unbelievable therapeutic happens. And the place we meet therapeutic, we meet new layers of ourselves as we let go of the previous. We meet the gorgeous open house of potential, new chapters, and a brand new self.

Whether you’re within the northern hemisphere shifting into light-filled moments or the southern hemisphere assembly the darkest days of the yr, the invitation is similar, expressed by means of a special lens: it’s time to satisfy your self. To honor your cycles. To let your self change. And to recollect that you’re your personal best steerage system.

The Earth by no means doubts the place she is or the place she goes subsequent. She by no means doubts that she’s going to bloom once more after releasing her leaves or that she will likely be reborn time and again and once more, exploring herself in numerous methods. She is aware of she isn’t trapped in a method of being, in a single chapter that was at all times designed to be simply that, a chapter within the ever-shifting and evolving story of her life.

How to honor the summer time solstice

Let this be a time if you, like nature, belief in your personal evolution and innate knowledge. Intention sits on the core of every little thing we do. What is your intention as you’re known as ahead to have a good time this sacred day?

Is it to honor the Earth?

Celebrate your journey and the way far you will have come?

Connect together with your oneness with nature?

Understand what new chapter you’re getting into?

What are you honoring?

What is your intention?

What is your coronary heart whispering?

Let these questions information you into your subsequent steps. Whether which means you’re drawn to an attractive yoga circulation, a meditation, journaling, future visioning, or one thing else. If you’re guided to attach with the summer time solstice, belief that the identical steerage that led you right here is aware of the place to take you, too.