We hope you’ve learn our 4 C’s article, however should you haven’t, we extremely recommend checking it out as a primer for this information on Astor lower diamonds. Don’t fear; we’re not going to get too technical or scientific! 

However, it’s important to know that the lower is commonly a very powerful of all of the traits of diamonds. There’s a false impression that the lower refers back to the diamond form, like these beautiful oval engagement rings or Lady Gaga’s heart-shaped engagement ring.

But lower truly refers to a diamond’s proportions, symmetry, and polish. These qualities have lots to do with the aspects of the diamond. 

A well-cut diamond appears to be like noticeably totally different than one with a poor lower because the lower helps to maximise the gem’s use of sunshine. A diamond with a wonderful lower can have extra hearth, brilliance, and sparkle. But there may be “well-cut,” after which that is Astor lower. 

What Is an Astor Cut Diamond?

Astor is exclusive to Blue Nile. The firm presents good, superb, best, and Astor cuts. Astor is a group of diamonds which have a premium lower, “super-ideal,” if you’ll.

These breathtaking stones have optimum brilliance, hearth, and scintillation (a elaborate phrase for sparkle). Previously, this assortment was referred to as Blue Nile Signature Diamonds, however the Astor Cut has changed that. 

Blue Nile’s Astor Ideal diamonds are uncommon, with roughly one in each one-thousand assembly the strict standards of this assortment. By acknowledging these extraordinarily high-quality diamonds with the Astor designation, Blue Nile makes it extremely straightforward to seek out diamonds that can sweep you off your toes. 

Take for instance this Astor Ideal in a superb spherical lower, coming in at simply over 2.5 carats. It’s a formidable stone not for its dimension however for it’s radiance and sparkle. 

How Is the Astor Cut Diamond Different?

Obviously, the lower is what units these diamonds aside. But what does that imply precisely? We’ve discovered that it doesn’t imply these diamonds are all round-shaped or heart-shaped as a result of lower refers to symmetry and proportion as a substitute of the outside form. What the lower does for the stone makes Blue Nile Astor lower diamonds totally different. 

  • Proportions. Diamond proportion refers back to the relationship between the angle, form, and dimension of every side of a diamond. A diamond’s form have to be assessed and the best mixture decided to ensure that the stone to profit from the sunshine getting into it. The proportion can change how a lot mild displays out of the crown to succeed in the attention of the viewer versus how a lot is misplaced out of the underside. As you could have guessed, we wish the sunshine to be returned to us to create that beautiful sparkle as a substitute of being directed towards our finger. With an Astor diamond, you might be assured it received’t be too shallow, deep, or slender. 
  • Symmetry. The aspects of a diamond appear to be a sample or a puzzle. They all should line up and intersect completely for a diamond to have best symmetry. The diamond’s brilliance might be affected if there are additional aspects, wavy girdles, mishappen aspects, or misalignments. Astor diamond’s wonderful symmetry ensures mild isn’t misdirected off at odd angles however mirrored completely for max shine! 
  • Brilliance. We’ve kind of been dancing across the subject, however the entire above traits give an Astor diamond unbelievable brilliance. The qualities work collectively to make sure that the diamond maximizes mild for a considerable and really obvious degree of brilliance. 
  • Certification. Undoubtedly Astor diamonds are licensed, not simply by one entity however two! The diamonds are licensed by each GemEx Systems (GemEx) and the GIA. You might have heard of the GIA (the Gemological Institute of America), however GemEx is much less well-known. GemEx prides itself on being the go-to supply for figuring out a diamond’s brilliance, hearth, and scintillation. They use specialised gear to scientifically reveal how the sunshine performs in a diamond. They produce a report with a graph, measurements, and a picture so jewelers (and also you) can see what makes an Astor stand out! 

All diamonds like this Astor Ideal embody a GIA report and GemEx report obtainable proper throughout the diamond particulars! 

What Are the Proportions of the Astor Diamond?

Astor guarantees best proportions. This is sensible when contemplating that best proportions are needed for unmatched brilliance. 

As for the form of the Astor Diamond, you possibly can select from spherical sensible, cushion, radiant, oval, coronary heart, or princess lower. However, it’s vital to do not forget that spherical sensible has the “ideal cut,” which suggests the perfect proportions attainable.

As a end result, it possesses probably the most brilliance out of all of the shapes. A spherical sensible has a formidable 58 aspects, making wonderful use of sunshine getting into the stone. 

This spherical sensible lower is a shining instance of how the standard spherical sensible lower might be enhanced by wonderful craftsmanship making it appropriate of Blue Nile’s Astor Ideal. 

If you’ve ever been sitting in a restaurant or perhaps at an out of doors cafe and had a diamond catch your eye, glowing within the solar, it was possible a spherical sensible.

Fine-quality spherical sensible stones are sparkly to the max. It’s not arduous to see why the spherical sensible lower is at present’s hottest decide! 

Does the Astor Diamond Have a Different Facet Structure?

As talked about, the Astor diamond has totally different shapes, which may give them barely totally different side constructions. The variety of aspects can differ as nicely. 

It isn’t actually in regards to the side construction as a lot as it’s in regards to the excellent symmetry of the aspects. If you’ve gotten ever been to a good or circus, you’ve possible seen a room stuffed with mirrors in a enjoyable home. When you enter, you bounce from mirror to reflect, attempting to make your approach via the maze. 

An analogous factor occurs to mild when it enters a diamond. The aspects act like mirrors, directing the sunshine. The aspects have to align and intersect simply so with a view to bounce mild within the right course, which is again up in direction of your eyes. When mild is mirrored again towards you out of your diamond, it appears to be like sparkly and sensible. 

The gem can look uninteresting if the sunshine is misplaced via the underside of the stone. Additionally, mild that’s misdirected received’t return to the viewer both, lowering the diamond’s shine. The diamond will need to have excellent symmetry between its prime and backside too. 

The prime of the diamond is known as the crown (fancy, I do know), and the underside is known as the pavilion. Where the 2 meet is known as the girdle. It’s a diamond cutter’s job to make sure the pavilion and crown are aligned.

Furthermore, the girdle shouldn’t be wavy or thick. The diamond’s brilliance might be hindered if the angles are misaligned, not parallel, or various in dimension. 

You might not discover poor symmetry simply by trying on the stone. Still, the diamond will seem much less sparkly in comparison with an Astor diamond with excellent symmetry. 

1.09-Carat Radiant Cut Diamond
From: Blue Nile

Take a have a look at this radiant lower Astor Ideal, it’s excellent symmetry is apparent, from the crown to the pavilion. 

What Scientific Standards Is Blue Nile Using to Measure Sparkle?

Blue Nile makes some huge guarantees, like their diamonds “reflect the most light possible,” however how are you aware that to be true? 

Well, we’ve got to return again to their certifications. GemEx certifications and studies are barely totally different from different grading entities and scores.

GemEx isn’t that outdated, based in 1998, and claims that they pioneered scientifically assessing how nicely diamonds use mild. They’re not messing round, both. They use a tool developed by engineers referred to as a spectrophotometer.

The spectrophotometer measures how nicely a diamond “plays” with mild. The extra aspects (no less than in the event that they’re symmetrical and proportional) a diamond has, the extra mild it could actually mirror. Equalling a brighter, shinier, sparklier diamond. 

GemEx named their spectrophotometer the BrillianceScope. With it, they measure 5 features of the diamond’s use of sunshine to precisely assess. 

  • Brilliance. How a lot white mild is returned to the particular person trying on the diamond. 
  • Fire. How a lot brilliant, coloured mild is returned to the observer. 
  • Scintillation (sparkle). The variety of mild factors returned to the particular person trying on the diamond and the way they modify when the sunshine strikes. 

A diamond should fee very excessive on the BrillianceScope scale to be allowed into the distinguished Astor class. GemEx presents a full report with a breakdown of their certification for each certainly one of Blue Nile’s Astor diamonds.

We love that it additionally consists of charts and pictures along with uncooked information as a result of typically we’re visible learners on the subject of diamonds. 

In fact, a Blue Nile Astor diamond, you possibly can see the distinction. They’re positively radiant! 

How Much Does an Astor Ideal Cost?

As with most issues in life, if you would like a premium product you’re going to must pay a little bit bit extra for its top quality. Thankfully, true to Blue Nile, Astor Ideal diamonds nonetheless have comparatively aggressive pricing. 

The Astor assortment does are available at a barely larger value level than customary best lower diamonds, typically round to 25 to 30 % extra. For instance, this 3/4 Carat Astor Cushion-Cut Petite Solitaire is available in at $4140, whereas the identical ring with out the extent under Astor Ideal comes is priced at $3621.

However, these diamonds are far more sensible than their rivals. If you need a super-ideal diamond that can sparkle in even the dimmest of sunshine settings, then the Astor by Blue Nile is value it! 


Diamond lower could be a complicated topic, to start with, particularly if you get into the nitty-gritty of proportions and symmetry. But the distinction is clear if you view an Astor diamond versus one with a much less best lower. 

Blue Nile’s Astor diamonds are an unique assortment; not each diamond makes the lower (pun supposed). Those that do are radiant and attention-grabbing, excellent for any piece of jewellery you need to be a lower above the remainder.