From a Blockbuster crush to a Lake Louise love story – Grant & Tash’s journey is pure magic. ✨ Ten years in the making, culminating in a sweet proposal with candles aglow. Here’s to a lifetime of laughter and love! 💍🏞️ #GrantAndTash #LakeLouiseLoveStory #EternalJoy

In the quaint town where Blockbuster memories were made, Grant first laid eyes on Tash, setting the stage for a love story that would unfold over a decade. From the serendipity of a video rental store to a Lake Louise elopement, Grant and Tash’s journey is a testament to the enduring magic of true love.

The Blockbuster Beginning: Grant’s initial sighting of Tash working at Blockbuster sparked a curiosity that lingered. Despite the courage to frequent the store and rent movies, the moment to ask for Tash’s number never arrived. Yet, fate had a plan, and a decade later, their paths would intertwine once more.

A Decade in the Making: Ten years after that initial Blockbuster encounter, Grant’s long-standing crush blossomed into a first date. For Tash, the connection was instant and profound. It felt like a reunion with someone known forever, evoking a sense of belonging and home. After that pivotal date, Tash shared her certainty with a friend, expressing a willingness to say ‘yes’ if Grant were to propose the following week.

The Proposal: Grant’s proposal was sweet and simple, with the warm glow of candles enveloping the moment. Discovering they were expecting a child just weeks before added an extra layer of excitement and significance to this pivotal occasion. In their home filled with love, the foundation for a family and a future together was laid.

The One Thing They Love Most: For Tash, the kindness that emanates from Grant is the essence of her love. Grant, on the other hand, is captivated by Tash’s genuineness and beauty, finding her to be an all-around beautiful person who is the perfect match for him. Together, they create a harmonious balance, grounded in laughter and shared joy.

In the heart of Lake Louise, surrounded by nature’s grandeur, Grant and Tash’s elopement is a celebration of enduring love, a journey that began with a fleeting Blockbuster crush and evolved into a lifetime of shared moments and boundless joy. 💖🌲 #LakeLouiseElopement #TimelessLove #GrantAndTashForever

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