Princess and Gary’s elopement at the Rocky Mountain Resort, with a breathtaking photo shoot at Moraine Lake, is a tale of love that weaves together their unique journey. Their love story is one that radiates with warmth, support, and the kind of love that conquers all challenges.

A Chance Meeting Through Family

Princess and Gary’s love story began through an unexpected avenue – family connections. It was at the intersection of their parents’ professional lives that they first crossed paths. Gary’s parents, who own a farming business in Stonewall, played a role in this serendipitous connection. The seeds of love were sown in the fertile soil of fate.

The Moment They Knew

For Princess, it didn’t take long to realize that Gary was the one. Their first date left her with an inkling of his potential as a life partner. As time passed, Gary’s qualities began to shine through, confirming that he was indeed the one. His respect, love, thoughtfulness, and responsibility were qualities that mirrored her own values. In Gary, she found a man she could envision a life with.

The Proposal: A Heartfelt Promise

The proposal wasn’t marked by grand gestures or elaborate plans. Instead, it was a quiet assurance of a love meant to last. Gary, ever the thoughtful partner, expressed his readiness to settle down with Princess. He asked her about the ring she desired, and in December, she selected the pear-shaped ring of her dreams. The simplicity of the proposal spoke volumes about the depth of their love and understanding.

The Love They Share: A Supportive Connection

What Princess and Gary love most about each other is their unwavering support and effective communication. Their relationship is built on a foundation of respect and love. They’ve demonstrated incredible patience and understanding, especially when it comes to their children. Both had children from previous relationships, and their commitment to overcoming the challenges of parenthood together has only deepened their love.

Personal Vows: A Promise of a Lifetime

Princess and Gary chose to write their personal vows, sealing their commitment with words that are unique to their love story. These personal vows will add an extra layer of intimacy and meaning to their elopement ceremony.

Musical Notes: A Violinist’s Melody

To accompany the different stages of their ceremony, Princess and Gary hired a violinist who would play during the processional, signing of the registry, and the recessional. This beautiful live music will infuse their special day with a touch of elegance and romance.

A Celebration of Love: Ceremony Vibes

Princess and Gary have chosen a ceremony vibe that’s “happy and romantic.” This cheerful and affectionate atmosphere is a reflection of their personalities and the love they share.

Personal Touches: The Little Details

While they haven’t specified any particular individuals or elements to be mentioned during the ceremony, it’s the little details like these that make their day truly unique.

Intimate Gathering: A Blend of Generations

Their elopement will be attended by 21 adults and 7 children, creating a celebration that spans generations and mirrors their commitment to family.

Little Stars in the Making

Princess and Gary have also included a ring bearer and a banner holder, making their ceremony not just a union of love but also a charming family affair.

A Bridal Party to Remember

Their bridal party includes Princess’s maid of honor, Gary’s best man, two bridesmaids, and two groomsmen. This close-knit group will stand by their side as they begin this beautiful journey together.

Inclusivity and Unity: A Unique Twist

Although there won’t be special poems, scriptures, or readings, Princess and Gary’s elopement reflects unity and inclusivity. Their wedding is an intimate celebration of love, and every detail has been carefully chosen to make it a memorable day.

Giving Away the Bride

In a touching tribute, Princess’s mother will give her away. This symbolic gesture adds a layer of meaning to their elopement.


Princess and Gary’s elopement, orchestrated by Tanan Elopements, is a testament to the power of love and understanding. Their journey from a chance meeting to an elopement amidst the Rockies is a testament to their commitment and the joy they find in each other. With their personalized vows, musical notes, and the inclusion of family, this elopement promises to be a day filled with romance, happiness, and lasting memories. As they stand hand in hand in the Rockies, they are not only surrounded by breathtaking scenery but also by the love and support of their closest friends and family, making this celebration truly unique.

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