Selina & David, an August love story unfolding against the stunning backdrop of Moraine Lake. 💖✨ Follow their intimate elopement journey as they say ‘I do’ amidst the breathtaking beauty of the Rockies. #MoraineLakeElopement #AugustLove #RockyMountainRomance

Moraine Lake, with its azure waters and majestic peaks, bore witness to the romantic union of Selina & David in the heart of August. This Quebecois couple, drawn to Alberta’s allure, chose the tranquility of Moraine Lake Lodge for an intimate elopement, just the two of them. Let’s dive into their enchanting Moraine Lake elopement adventure.

Choosing Moraine Lake Lodge: Selina & David’s desire to immerse themselves in the magic of Moraine Lake led them to Moraine Lake Lodge. Opting to stay on-site, they ensured a seamless experience, witnessing the lake’s changing beauty at various times of the day.

August Bliss at Moraine Lake: The duo’s decision to elope in August gifted them Moraine Lake’s peak beauty. From sunrise to sunset, they explored the lake’s hues, experiencing its tranquil mornings and golden evenings, crafting a timeless love tale.

Quebec Love in Alberta: Hailing from Quebec, Selina & David traversed the provinces to pledge their love amid Alberta’s Rockies. Moraine Lake became the canvas for their love story, blending the allure of French-Canadian charm with the grandeur of the Canadian Rockies.

Eloping, Just the Two of Us: Selina & David sought the intimacy of an elopement, ensuring their vows echoed solely between them and the mountain breeze. Moraine Lake, with its serene ambiance, provided the perfect stage for their private exchange of promises.

Romance in the Rockies: Their questionnaire revealed a desire for a romantic ceremony filled with love. As husband and wife, they embarked on a journey where love would be the guiding force, echoing against the stunning backdrop of Moraine Lake.

A Love Story Revived: Having met at 18 and reconnected in 2018, Selina & David’s love story was a beautiful revival. Their engagement on a beach, reminiscent of their first ‘I love you’s, added a poetic touch to their journey. Grounded and freeing, their connection was bound by shared values and a deep appreciation for nature.

Melodies of Love: To accompany their ceremony, Selina & David pondered between the instrumental magic of “620 INSTRUMENTAL Vico C” and the timeless elegance of the wedding march, adding musical poetry to their mountain vows.

A Symphony of Nature and Love: Selina & David’s Moraine Lake elopement was more than a ceremony; it was a symphony of nature and love. Each moment, from the exchange of rings to shared laughter, echoed the depth of their connection against the grandeur of the Rockies.

Capturing August Magic: As Selina & David continue their journey, the magic of August in Moraine Lake will forever be etched in their hearts. The Rockies, witnesses to their love, stand testament to the enduring beauty of their Moraine Lake elopement.

Crafting Your Moraine Lake Love Tale: For those inspired by Selina & David’s Moraine Lake love tale, the Rockies beckon. Moraine Lake elopement packages offer the opportunity to craft a personalized celebration amid the unparalleled beauty of nature. Let the mountains echo your unique love journey. 💑🏞️ #MoraineLakeElopementPackages #AugustLoveAffair #RockyMountainRomance

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