From pouring drinks at the Den to soaring in love. ✨ Steven and Kelsey’s journey takes flight from the student-run bar to the snowy peaks of Banff. Here’s to love that’s flown six years strong and a proposal that weathered its own winter storm. 💍🏔️ #KelseyAndSteven #BanffElopement #LoveTakesFlight

In the spirited halls of the student-run bar at the University of Calgary, where laughter mingled with the clinking of glasses, Steven and Kelsey’s love story began. From pouring drinks to pouring their hearts into each other, theirs is a journey that took flight, quite literally.

Love Takes Flight: Their first connection transcended workplace camaraderie when Steven, holding a pilot’s license, invited Kelsey on a date that soared above the ordinary. The skies witnessed the blossoming of a love that would weather storms and fly through six beautiful years.

The Proposal Blizzard: When the moment arrived to solidify their forever, Steven had meticulously planned a romantic weekend in Banff, only to be met with a winter storm that Mother Nature had orchestrated. Undeterred, amidst the snow-laden streets, the Bear Street Market became an unexpected stage for a proposal born out of improvisation. Despite the blizzard, Steven’s nerves were testament to the significance of the occasion.

A Cold-Weather Proposal: As the temperature plummeted, so did Steven onto one knee, proposing in a moment of warmth amidst the cold. A surprised Kelsey, momentarily taken aback, said “Yes.” The chill in the air couldn’t freeze the warmth of their love, and Banff witnessed a proposal that danced through unexpected snowflakes.

Love Beyond Measure: What Steven loves most about Kelsey is her boundless patience, especially in moments of short temper. Her presence, a compass steering him towards becoming a better person each day. In Kelsey’s eyes, Steven is a source of love that knows no bounds, his commitment sculpting a shared journey that’s etched in time.

Personal Vows in the Forecast: As they stand at the threshold of forever, Kelsey and Steven choose to inscribe their personal vows. A commitment to love, patience, and growth, their promises will be whispered amidst the backdrop of Banff’s majestic peaks.

From university tales to pilot skies, Steven and Kelsey’s elopement is a celebration of love’s flight, where turbulence becomes a testament to the strength of their bond. 🌬️💖 #BanffElopement #LoveStory #KelseyAndStevenForever

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