If you have a plan to elope in Banff, you will experience mesmerizing Canadian Rockies. So, choose ideal place for your stay there which can enhance your romantic getaway more. Banff has wide range of options and every couple can find something for preferences and budget. Banff has secluded cabin to boutique hotel. So, there is something for everyone in Banff. Experience in Banff is once in a lifetime. So, make sure you have enough knowledge before planning to elope in Banff. In this blog, we will discuss elopement venues so you may learn about some best accommodations for your Banff elopement adventure.

1. Fairmont Banff Springs

Fairmont Banff Springs is epitome of luxury and romance. These will be offering fairytale setting for your elopement. Settled amidst majestic Rockies this historic castle like hotel exudes grandeur and elegance. Imagine exchanging vows in opulent Cascade Ballroom. Or overlooking Bow Valley from outdoor terrace. Fairmont luxurious accommodations, and breathtaking surroundings create memorable experience for couples.

2. Buffalo Mountain Lodge

For couples craving comfortable and intimate elopement, Buffalo Mountain Lodge is ideal choice. You can avail rustic haven, charming cabins and lodge rooms. Buffalo Mountain Lodge can provide romantic escapes from hustle and bustle of life. You can exchange promises amid towering pine trees and mountain vistas. Natural beauty of Buffalo Mountain Lodge and intimate ambiance set stage for truly memorable elopement celebration.

3. Storm Mountain Lodge

Escape to peacefulness of Storm Mountain Lodge for secluded and romantic elopement. Located among pristine wilderness of Banff National Park, this historic lodge offers haven accommodations. Moreover, management provides intimate setting for your celebration of love. Exchange vows in picturesque outdoor gazebo of lodge which is surrounded by towering pines and mountain peaks. Afterward haven to your private cabin for romantic evening together savoring serenity and seclusion of this enchanting hideaway. Storm Mountain Lodge’s rustic charm and natural beauty create perfect atmosphere for intimate elopement to remember.

4. Emerald Lake Lodge

Emerald Lake Lodge can be excellent choice for elopement. It is surrounded by breathtaking scenery and situated on shores of stunning Emerald Lake. Moreover, this charming lodge offers comfortable accommodations. You and your partner can wish for the future and can say your vows on lodge’s outdoor terrace. You can have majestic Rockies as backdrop. Afterwards, you can enjoy romantic dinner for two at renowned restaurant of lodge.

5. Baker Creek Mountain Resort

For romantic elopement; look no further than Baker Creek Mountain Resort. Present in pristine wilderness of Banff National Park; this rustic haven offers charming cabins and convenient accommodations. This resort can provide serene setting for your celebration of love. Exchange vows amidst natural beauty of Rockies, with towering pine trees and mountain vistas as your backdrop. Afterward haven to your private cabin for romantic evening together, enjoying peace and tranquility of this enchanting hideaway. Baker Creek Mountain Resort rustic charm and secluded location create perfect atmosphere for intimate elopement to remember.

6. Deer Lodge

Deer Lodge offers perfect blend of elegance and romance. It has historic and charming elopement accommodation. Moreover, location of Deer Lodge is stunning beauty of Rockies. On the other hand, breathtaking views creates enchanting setting for special day. Exchange vows amongst lodge rustic ambiance, with majestic mountains as your backdrop. You have opportunity to celebrate with romantic dinner in lodge’s intimate dining room. Gourmet cuisine and fine wine can be a source of joy for you. Deer Lodge provides timeless charm and natural beauty.

7. Juniper Hotel & Bistro

Elevate your elopement experience at Juniper Hotel & Bistro. Here modern elegance meets natural beauty. Perched high above town of Banff, this contemporary hotel offers stylish accommodations. The view creates stunning backdrop for your celebration of love. Exchange vows on hotel’s outdoor terrace overlooking Rockies, with sweeping vistas as your backdrop. Afterwards toast to your future together with romantic dinner at hotel’s bistro. You will be enjoying delicious cuisine and fine wine. Juniper Hotel & Bistro’s chic ambiance and breathtaking surroundings ensure memorable elopement experience for you and your partner.

8. Rimrock Resort Hotel

Above Bow Valley, the Rimrock Resort Hotel offers luxurious setting for sophisticated elopement. Backdrop of this hotel is unmatched beauty for making your day special. Imagine saying “Yes, I do” with this stunning view. Couples can enjoy here and share their memories. World class facilities of Rimrock includes spa, gourmet dining options and luxurious rooms as well. Make sure that every moment of your elopement is filled with romance and comfort. Rimrock Resort Hotel promises memorable and unforgettable elopement experience for you and your partner.


Choosing perfect accommodation for your elopement in Banff is important decision that sets stage for your special day. Whether you are seeking luxury and sophistication or rustic charm and seclusion; Banff offers variety of options to suit every couple’s style and budget. From elegant resorts to haven lodges each venue provides unique backdrop for your celebration of love amidst breathtaking beauty of Canadian Rockies. It does not matter which accommodation you choose, your elopement in Banff is sure to be unforgettable experience. You can enjoy it lively and make memories for life. It will be a treasure of lifetime experience for you. Whether you exchange vows overlooking majestic mountain peaks or cozy up by crackling fireplace in secluded cabin; romance of Banff will surround you at every turn. With its picturesque landscapes and charming atmosphere, Banff sets perfect stage for intimate and magical elopement that reflects your love story.

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